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Red Dead Redemption

Games  8 December '16

'Red Dead Redemption' Available Now On PC And PlayStation 4; "RDR" Playable Via PlayStation Now

"Red Dead Redemption" is now out on PC and PlayStation 4. The game finally arrived on Windows PC via PlayStation Now, after 6 years of waiting.

PlayStation 4

Technology  8 December '16

The 'PlayStation 4' Hits The Record Of 50 Million Units Sold; Sony Will Launch A New Christmas Promo Of The PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 Edition

Sony announced that the "PlayStation 4" already sold 50 million units all over the world. This season, starting December 11, the "PlayStation 4" Slim will have a massive price cut until Christmas Eve.

The Last Of Us 2

Games  5 December '16

'The Last of Us' Release Date, News And Update: Naught Dog Unveil Ellie As The Main Protagonist; Story Spoliers Was Revealed

"The Last of Us" 2 main protagonist has been revealed as Sony announced during the PSX 2016. Ellie will be the main character in the whole story of "The Last of Us" 2.

'Red Dead Redemption' Coming To The PC; 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Now Available For Pre-Order!

Games  3 December '16

'Red Dead Redemption' Is Coming To Windows PC; Red Dead Redemption 2 Still On Petition

"Red Dead Redemption" will be now available on PC next Tuesday. "Red Dead Redemption" 2 is still on the petition and fans are still waiting for further announcement.

Lego Worlds

Games  30 November '16

'Lego Worlds' Release Date Confirmed After A Year Of Early Access; Will Be Available On PlayStation 4, Xbox One And PC

The "Lego Worlds" will soon be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platform. After years of Early Access, the game is now about to launch and hit the market.

PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One S

Technology  22 November '16

Xbox PS4 Comparison: Find Out What Console Is Better - Xbox One S Or PS4 Pro

The console battle continues with Sony's PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One S. Let's do a quick comparison of the two gaming consoles to see which one will best fit you.

PlayStation Black Friday Deals

Technology  22 November '16

Black Friday 2016 Deals: Sony Reveals PS4 Pro Update And The New Action-Adventure Game 'No Man's Sky' [DETAILS HERE]

News this week includes Sony’s Black Friday deals, PS4 Pro update, and the latest action-adventure video game, "No Man’s Sky".

PLAYSTATION 4 The King Extended Trailer (2017)

Dads  16 November '16

PlayStation Exclusives: 'Spiderman PS4,' 'God of War' And 'Horizon Zero Dawn' In Real Life Action In 'The King' Trailer

PlayStation's newest commercial called "The King" is a poetic approach towards Sony together with the gaming community's pursuit for innovative ways towards the future.

Xbox One S v PlayStation 4

Dads  15 November '16

Xbox One Is Beating The PlayStation 4 In Sales; Microsoft Project Scorpio Is Expected To Outsell The PS4 Pro

The Xbox One is dusting off the PlayStation 4 in sales not only in the US, but also in the UK. Sony needs to think of a way to improve their console since the Microsoft is getting too aggressive and has eventually taking over the video game industry.

'God of War' Latest News, Updates, Release: Kratos' New Companion, Enemies; Gameplay Changes & 'GOW' Info Round Up

Dads  13 November '16

'God Of War' Latest News, Update, & Release: Kratos' New Companion, Enemies; Gameplay Changes & 'GOW' Info Round Up

"God of War" will be a rebirth as Sony's Santa Monica Studio recreates Kratos and he will embark on a Nordic journey with his son.

PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

Dads  12 November '16

Final Fantasy VII Remake’ News: Game Will Come With New Battle System; Should Fans Be Worried?

A new battle system will replace "Final Fantasy VII" ATB, but will this change become a major factor in the upcoming sales of the "Final Fantasy VII Remake"?

‘Dishonored 2’ Gameplay Release: Get To Know Emily Kaldwin’s Combat Skills And Dark Spells; Game Can Go Live Today For Some

Dads  10 November '16

‘Dishonored 2’ Gameplay Release: Get To Know Emily Kaldwin’s Combat Skills And Dark Spells; Bethesda Game Pre-Order Can Go Live

Are you ready to travel back to Karnaca? The sequel to the stealth action-adventure video game is here and ready to take back the kingdom.

Fallout 4 Mod

Dads  8 November '16

'Fallout 4' PlayStation 4 Update Coming, Bethesda Confirmed; Full Mod Features Inside

Bethesda is now set to release the "Fallout 4" update for the PlayStation 4. The Mod support will be included along with a couple of in-game fixes.


Technology  8 November '16

'Nintendo Switch' Seems Not Suitable For Capcom Titles; Capcom Is In Doubt To Transport Their Games To Nintendo's New Game Console

Capcom is still investigating if the Nintendo Switch would be capable of running their game titles. The new Nintendo game console is set to announce via Nintendo Direct in January.

FALLOUT 4: WHERE ARE PS4 MODS?! (Late August Update + Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods)

Dads  7 November '16

PlayStation 4 News & Update: Mod Supports Will Come To 'Skyrim' And 'Fallout 4!'; More Details for PS 4 Pro Release

Mod supports will come to Skyrim first then to Fallout 4 for both mods and PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Trailer Playstation 4 Pro Reveal

Dads  5 November '16

PS4 Pro Launch Preparations: Which Games Will Be Updated To Match The Upcomng Console's High-End Specs?

The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch in a week and games are being updated to match the specs of the new console. Listed are the games announced to receive the update.

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Tips And Tricks: How To Make Cyborg Assassin Tao

Dads  4 November '16

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Tips And Tricks: How To Make Cyborg Assassin Tao

A YouTuber uploaded a video tutorial on how to create Cyber Mercenary Tao on "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2."

Black Friday Sale: Heavily Discounted Electronics Might Cheat You!

Dads  3 November '16

Black Friday 2016 Deal Updates: Sam's Club Includes 4K TVs and Game Consoles Such as Xbox One, PS4 with “Uncharted 4”

Sam's Club's advertisement has been leaked on Tuesday. Black Friday great deals include game Consoles and 4K TVs, PlayStation 4, and etc.

'Persona 5' News & Release Update: Director Reveals Content Cut From Final Build

Dads  3 November '16

'Persona 5' News & Release Update: Director Reveals Content Cut From Final Build

A few main character arcs, locations, and Personas were scrapped from the final build of "Persona 5."

Nintendo Switch

Games  2 November '16

'Nintendo Switch' Is Not An Impressive Console; Nintendo Switch Could Be Another Flop Nintendo Project

The upcoming "Nintendo Switch" initial specs were unveiled, but some are not impressed. It may seem that the "Nintendo Switch" is not the type of console that can compete with today's leading video game consoles.

Black Friday 2015 Pickups - Video Games –

Dads  2 November '16

Black Friday 2016 News: Learn Where To Find The Best Online Deals For Playstation 4! [DETAILS HERE]

Here are the sites for the best Playstation 4 online deals for Black Friday.

Days Gone

Dads  1 November '16

New 'Days Gone' Game Features Finally Revealed; Sony Confirmed The Released Date Early 2017

"Days Gone" is set to release early next year by Sony. The SIE Bend Studios has created a zombie game that players would love and enjoy playing for several hours.

Playstation VR

Games  1 November '16

'PlayStation VR' Is Now Hitting Its Target Sales Confirmed By Sony; PSVR Is The VR Headset For Everyone

The Sony "PlayStation VR" is not hitting the sales profit that the company expects. According to several reports, the "PlayStation VR" is the best VR headset as of today.

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