'Criminal Minds' News & Update: Ratings Falling Further Behind, Due To Thomas Gibson? Fired Actor To Appear In A Special Episode?

It looks like CBS may have to switch tactics, as their show "Criminal Minds" is allegedly falling further behind ratings, due to the departure of Thomas Gibson. Thomas Gibson was part of the show for 256 episodes and with his departure, fans of the show have not been watching the crime drama.

There was a boycott created by fans in Twitter, with the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch aimed at the "Criminal Minds" ratings. Inquisitr reported that fans were looking forward to Gibson's appearance in episode 4 but the actor was a no-show. His character wasn't even mentioned but episode 3 stated that Hotch was called away for an assignment.

This has affected "Criminal Minds" ratings because Gibson hasn't been making constant appearances and fans of the show have noticed that the plotline doesn't consist of Hotch. The actor has been fired because he had an altercation with the writer which turned violent. The disappearance of Thomas Gibson has caused the "Criminal Minds" ratings to go down.

Parent Herald has reported that writer Erica Messer is working on a special episode for Gibson to appear again, hoping to increase "Criminal Minds" ratings. This would give Hotch a final closure, and theories abound that he could be assigned to another department or he could be killed - disappointing fans furthermore.

There have been no official announcements regarding Thomas Gibson's appearance, making "Criminal Minds" ratings inconsistent as of now. Since speculations of Hotch appearing in episodes 2,4, and 6 have been botched, "Criminal Minds" ratings have yet to improve. Those still watching the show have complained that it's not the same without him.

CBS has not reacted to the hashtags but producers will be forced to put back Hotch if they are concerned with the "Criminal Minds" ratings. This is also in line with the logic that CBS allows their actors to come and go, fitting to their schedules.

Eleven episodes have already been filmed, leaving fans to speculate whether Gibson will appear or not. If his character won't appear, then it's likely that "Criminal Minds" ratings will continuously go down, as predicted due to the Twitter protests of fans.

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