'Suicide Squad' Movie Trailer & Cast: Details on Actor's Net Worth, Paycheck & Costumes Here!

By Staff Reporter, Parent Herald July 21, 08:00 am

The film, directed by David Ayer, focuses on Task Force X, a group better known as Suicide Squad, which is a team of supervillains who are in prison but works out an arrangement with the U.S. government team. The group will perform black ops mission to help the state, and, in return, have their sentences reduced. The film is an adaptation of the comic written by the modern Squad creator John Ostrander, according to Go Banking Rates.

Initially, the movie's budget was under $50 million, but with the addition of an all-star cast, its budget was pushed to $100 million. Below is the list of the net worth of the three actors that star in the said film.

Will Smith - $220 Million - Smith, one of highest paid actor, will be playing Deadshot, one of Batman's opponents. Deadshot is the best marksman in the DC universe. It is not clear as to how Smith got the role, but his diverse acting career and impressive performance on his previous films could be among the reasons. Smith is among the actors who earn $30 million per film. His total net worth is estimated at $220 million.

Jared Leto - $40 Million - Leto will be playing one of the most famous supervillains, Joker. Joker appears in numerous Batman films. He is a criminal mastermind that uses deadly poisons, concoctions and a variety of weapons. 

Cara Delvinge - $12 Million - Delvinge will be playing the role of the Enchantress, a powerful sorcerer who uses spells to exploit her opponent. The model-turned-actress is among the highest paid models according to Forbes. Her salary for this film remains unknown, but her total net worth is estimated at $12 million.

As for the supervillain costumes, Business Insider compares the characters on the big screen with their comic book counterparts by placing an image of the two versions side-by-side. In general, the actors' looks are not too different from their comic counterparts.

Smith, who portrayed Deadshot, the most iconic member of the group, appears similar to his comic counterpart, the only main difference is the design under the mask. In the comics, one will find that Lawton is white, but in the film it is black. Check the photo here

Margot Robbie, who played Dr. Harleen Quinzell, the Joker's psychiatrist who ended to be his henchmen after he drove her mad, shares the same aura with her comic counterpart. They have the same hair, but the comic counterpart appears to wear more revealing costume and heavier make up. Check the photo here.

For those who haven't watched the trailer, you can check it below.

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