Hillary Clinton News: #HillaryForPrision Lands On Twitter’s Top 2 Trending Hashtag ; Is It A Typo Error Or Not?

By Gerone Trish, Parent Herald November 02, 09:43 am

#HillaryForPrision has reportedly earned more than 115,000 tweets on Monday, Oct. 31 and ranked Top 2 on the trending list of Twitter. What is the reason behind this overwhelming trend? Was it intentionally misspelled to replace the previously censored #HillaryForPrison tweets?

Apparently, Twitter has allegedly censored the previous #HillaryForPrison which became a popular hashtag to bash the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Now, voters seem to be more clever to create another hashtag as their avenue to continue tweeting their accusations against Hillary Clinton, and the #HillaryForPrision has surfaced.

Multiple publications tried to secure comments from Twitter regarding the alleged censorship. Unfortunately, the giant social media host declined to give comments and just pointed out a section of its FAQ which shows how they determine the trends.

One possible reason why #HillaryForPrision has surfaced is the theory that people think Twitter might be censoring any other tweets against Clinton due to Trump's accusation on Twitter, so a misspelled hashtag came out to avoid censorship.

On Oct. 30, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted, "Wow, Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton. Very dishonest media!"

Meanwhile, looking at the tweets containing the #HillaryForPrision, users have expressed their sentiments. One tweet says, "The correctly spelled hashtag was censored by Twitter. So we worked around it."

The GOP Report, supporters of Donald Trump, also explained through its Twitter account the reason behind the misspelled #HillaryForPrision, "This is going to be a crazy week. We needed to use a misspelled hashtag to keep Twitter from censoring, but it's working."

Furthermore, the #HillaryForPrision was a clever gesture of Trump's supporters as the hashtag contains the Spanish word "prison" which means "prison." The #HillaryForPrision actually does not seem to be a misspelled phrase to sneak from Twitter's censorship, but a fusion of English and Spanish words which really meant #HillaryForPrison, the Wrap noted.

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