Authorities Search The Remains Of Thirteen-Month-Old Baby At Colorado Landfill, Man Charged With Toddler's Death

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 02, 11:50 am

A Colorado landfill in the northern area of the state is now being searched as the remains of a thirteen-month-old baby is believed to have been buried there. A man has been charged with the toddler's death.

The suspect is said to be from Cheyenne and the baby is said to be from Wyoming and was identified as Silas Anthony Ojeda. Authorities are searching for the baby's remains at the landfill located near Ault, Colorado because the suspect allegedly said that he disposed the body of Ojeda in a trash container.

Deputies and officers from Laramie County Sheriff's Office, Wyoming National Guard and more agencies are participating in the search for the 13-month-old's remains, Capt. Linda Gesell of the Laramie County Sheriff's Office said in a statement on Tuesday. It is expected that the search for the baby's remains will take some weeks.

At least 30 people from the Laramie County Sheriff's Office will be deployed every day to help in the search efforts. Searchers will be focusing on an area of 25 yards wide and 100 yards long with trash that is possibly 15-feet deep.

Gesell added that they have one percent chance of finding the remains of the baby but they are going to do what they can and will re-evaluate after a number of weeks. Experts who have done similar searches stated the one percent chance of success that Gesell aforementioned, Fox News reported.

The man alleged of killing the toddler was identified as 23-year-old Logan Hunter Rogers. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangering with a controlled substance in the death of Ojeda. A November 9 hearing was set by a judge to decide whether Rogers will stand trial, New Jersey Herald reported.

The suspect is said to be the boyfriend of the mother of Ojeda. Initially, Rogers said that he gave the boy to another man to take him fishing. Later, he said that motorcycle club members took him. It is alleged that Rogers took Ojeda to a house where people were smoking methamphetamine. Rogers then admitted that Ojeda died after falling at the family home after he hit his head. He then disposed the body of the boy in a trash container at a local community college.

Searchers will be removing trash with a loader and a backhoe then examine the trash.

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