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Medical Marijuana Programs In Maryland

Body  13 March '17

Lawmakers Stall Medical Marijuana Program In Maryland; Parents Look For Alternatives Elsewhere

Jenny and Alex Inman's 5-year-old son Lukas rely on cannabis oil but due to the legal limitations in Maryland, they moved to Colorado to avail of the medical benefits.

David Puckett

School Age  4 January '17

Authorities Find A Child's Body Underneath The Ice In Colorado Pond; Corpse Possibly Belonged To Missing 6-Year-Old Boy

A missing six-year-old boy was being searched and a body was found underneath the ice in a pond.

Stride Rite Children's Group Fashion Showcase At petitePARADE In NYC

School Age  15 November '16

Colorado Student Bullied & Stabbed At School Helps Prevent Bullying By Giving Shoes To Fellow Children

Kyler Davila was bullied and stabbed in school but he aims to turn things around for his fellow children who are also being tormented. The Colorado boy is donating shoes to kids who are in dire need for them.

Colorado ‘Assisted Suicide’ Bill 2016 Made Legal: Will It Have Abuses On Killing People?

Health/Nutrition  11 November '16

Colorado ‘Assisted Suicide’ Bill 2016 Made Legal: Will It Have Abuses On Killing People?

Colorado has made it legal to help terminally ill patients to end their own life. The citizens of Colorado have approved and accepted "End of Life Options Act."

13-month-old baby's remains being searched

Toddler  2 November '16

Authorities Search The Remains Of Thirteen-Month-Old Baby At Colorado Landfill, Man Charged With Toddler's Death

The death of 13-month-old baby is being investigated as his remains are being searched at a Colorado landfill.

50th Anniversary Of CPR Marked In San Francisco

Health/Nutrition  27 October '16

Heart Attack Rates In America: Which U.S. Communities Have The Healthiest, Weakest Hearts?

Some cities in the United States have many residents with healthy hearts and aren't susceptible to heart attacks. Others, however, have people with weak hearts and are prone to heart attacks.

Meals On Wheels Association Of America Press Conference

TV.Movie  3 October '16

Popular Soap Opera In The 80's 'Dynasty' To Make A Comeback on CW

"Dynasty" is set to make a come a comeback in CW to relieve the 80's.

Colorado Experiments With Liberalization Of Marijuana Laws

School  3 October '16

Bullying In Colorado Schools, To Be Prevented By Excess Marijuana Tax Revenue Worth $66M?

Bullying prevention efforts in around 50 schools in Colorado will be funded by excess marijuana tax revenues. The money is worth $66 million and will roll out for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Speaks At The Cannabis Business Summit And Expo

Health  30 September '16

Kids on Cannabis: Colorado Updates the Edible Marijuana Wrappers To Avoid Accidental Consumption Among Children

Colorado updated their packaging law for edible marijuana to avoid accidental consumption among children.

Sony Introduce New Camera 'Alfa'

Autism  28 September '16

10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Excels In Photography: Child’s Work Lands In VP Joe Biden’s Home

Morgan Wolfer's passion for nature photography started out as a hobby using his mom's phone. Now, the child is an excellent photographer that he has begun a business to sell his work.

Berlin Hemp Parade 2016

Politics  15 September '16

Marijuana News Update: Denver to Vote on Social Marijuana Consumption

As a parent, are you in favor of social marijuana consumption in Denver?

Rand Paul, Cory Booker, And Kristen Gillibrand Discuss Medical Marijuana Bill

School Age  14 September '16

Kids On Cannabis: Should Pediatricians Consider Medical Marijuana For Their Patients?

Considering some possible benefits, is it time for pediatricians to recommend medical marijuana for their patients?

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Speaks At The Cannabis Business Summit And Expo

Health  30 July '16

Accidental Marijuana Consumption Among Children in Colorado Increased Since the Legalization

Children in Colorado are being sent to the hospital for accidental marijuana consumption.

Protest At Against Fracking At Lancashire County Council

Body  19 July '16

Fracking Contributes to Asthma, Exposure To Pollution & Stress Increase Children & Adults’ Need For Medical Treatment

Asthma medications and hospitalizations were more common in people living near fracking operations throughout the country. Pollution and stress associated with fracking operations could be blamed for these asthma attacks.

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins And Fiancee Lauren Bushnell Visit 'The Lion King' On Broadway

TV/ Movie  18 July '16

'The Bachelor' Star Ben Higgins Running For Colorado State House, Confirmed; 'The Bachelorette' Reality Star Chad Johnson Is The Next 'Bachelor?'

According to reports, Ben Higgins is running for Colorado State House. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Chad Johnson will be the next "Bachelor."

National Cannabis Festival Held At DC's RFK Stadium

Behavior  22 June '16

Marijuana News and Updates: Colorado Teenage Marijuana Consumption Took A Dip After Legalization

Teenage marijuana consumption in Colorado took a dip after the legalization in 2014.

Gummy Bears

Body  20 June '16

Legal Marijuana: Weed Gummy Bears Banned In Colorado Where Cannabis Is Legal, Parents Warned About Candies With THC

There has been an increase in incidents of children accidentally eating candies laced with marijuana.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Body  10 June '16

Miami Considered As Ground Zero For Zika Virus Outbreak In The US; City’s Tropical Weather An Ideal Mosquito Breeding Ground

Aside from Miami's tropical weather, the city is vulnerable to a Zika outbreak due to the high amount of Latin American travelers there. Experts said Miami, Florida is ground zero for a possible Zika outbreak in the U.S.

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell

TV/ Movie  6 June '16

‘The Bachelor’ 2016 News & Update: Ben Higgins To Enter Politics, Heads To Colorado House of Representatives? Lauren Bushnell No Wedding Plans Yet?

Recent reports claim thatb "The Bachelor" 2016 Ben Higgins is planning to enter politics via the Colorado House of Representatives.

Celebrations Take Part Across Country As Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Family Life  3 June '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Gay Couples Still Struggle In Their Legal Standing As Parents

Some states have already made progress in expanding the parental standing of same-sex couples. Others. however, still do not recognize both LGBT parents in a child's birth certificate.

World's Top Video Game Players Compete At World Cyber Games

Behavior  31 May '16

Teenagers Are Spending Thousands Of Dollars To Gamble On Counter-Strike

Real and shocking amounts of money are being spent on online gambling. Teens spend nearly $2,000 to bet on virtual weapons on "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

Marijuana Smokers Celebrate The Plant's Unofficial 4/20 Holiday

School  25 May '16

Marijuana News Update: 25 Kids Will Be Going to College Because of Marijuana

25 college scholarship in Colorado were given to eligible students. The money to fund their scholarship was from the state's marijuana tax.

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas

News  20 May '16

Marijuana Will Soon be Decriminalized

Gov. Bruce Rauner is open to the option of having marijuana decriminalized.

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