Baby Died Of Abuse: Father Sentenced To Jail With Minimum Of 15 Years

By Irina Chris, Parent Herald November 03, 04:35 am

The then 2-week-old baby, who died in 2015 due to abuse, was given justice. Daniel Sanzone, the father of Joshua Millinson, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to jail imprisonment with a minimum of 15 years.

The tragedy the baby had suffered at the hands of his father caused severe brain injuries that could no longer reverse. Experts had previously stated that the baby had the most extreme injuries they had ever seen, BBC News reported.

Additionally, medical experts reportedly discovered shreds of evidence of the other injuries. Before the incident, they alegedly found fractures in the legs and ribs.

Baby Joshua was placed in the Intensive Care Unit of Brimingham Children's Hospital for almost a month until the High Court issued an order to switch off the life support machine because the doctors found no evidence that the child could see or hear. Also, there were additional reports that what caused this was the violent shaking the baby experienced in the hands of his own father.

The said incident is shaken baby syndrome as what others called it. It is also called as abusive head trauma and shaken impact syndrome, according to Kids Health.

What causes the abusive head trauma or shaken baby syndrome? To name a few, it includes direct blows to the head and throwing, dropping or shaking the baby.

The injuries of shaken baby syndrome can cause by a parent or parents and caregivers, who forcefully shake the child or strike the infant's head against a hard surface.

Standard cases suggest that primary caregivers result to rocking the baby to make them stop crying. These may halt the baby from crying, yes, but the brain can be damaged.

Baby Joshua's mother, Zoe Howell, stated that Sanzone could be a bit rough sometimes but she never expected nor seen him hurt the child. The inspector from West Midlands Police said that it was difficult for them to understand and comprehend the character of the boy's father and the probable reason that led him to hurt his son.

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