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Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

Children  2 May '17

Shaken Baby Syndrome: What Parents And Caregivers Must Do To Avoid An Accident

Whether done on purpose or by accident, there's no way to reverse the damage of shaken baby syndrome.

Daniel Sanzone and Zoe Howell

Infant  3 November '16

Baby Died Of Abuse: Father Sentenced To Jail With Minimum Of 15 Years

Joshua Millinson, who died due to severe brain injuries, was given justice as his father, Daniel Sanzone, was sentenced to imprisonment facing a minimum of 15 years in jail.

Never Shake A Baby Educational Video

Infant  17 October '16

Two Men Accused Of Killing Toddlers, For 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' May Be Acquited Due To Misdiagnosis

The Shaken Baby Syndrome is not always caused by an abuse but may also be due to an accident, and this is what the two accused men in Michigan are fighting for so they can be acquited from the accusation of killing two toddlers.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Health  25 July '16

Shaking Your Baby Is Not Safe! Shaken Baby Syndrome Causes Hemmorhage And Death - Doctors Agree

A survey of doctors has revealed that most of them accept the diagnoses of shaken baby syndrome.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Health/Nutrition  22 March '16

Shaken Baby Syndrome Inflicts Brain Injury That Can Lead to Permanent Disability Or Death

Shaken baby syndrome has been a threat to infant and child mortality rate.

Hungary Builds Migrant Fence On Its Border With Serbia

Infant  8 March '16

Father Charged For Shaking Baby to Death

A 6-month-old boy died after his father "violently" shook him until he threw up and passed out.

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