Shaken Baby Syndrome Inflicts Brain Injury That Can Lead to Permanent Disability Or Death

By Leah, Parent Herald March 22, 04:30 am

Shaken baby syndrome, also known as traumatic brain injury or abusive head trauma is an injury to a child's brain due to child abuse. This kind of injury usually takes place to babies three to five months old. However, it can also happen to children five years of age.

Parents would often believe that shaken baby syndrome happens as a result of a child's bouncing and falling during playtime. This belief, however, is not true as this injury can only take place when a child is violently shaken, according to Bundoo.

Since baby's neck muscles are not fully developed, it cannot provide enough support for the weight of their head, giving less control on the rotation of the neck when big amount of force is inflicted. This in return results in the rupturing of vessels and brain tissue or even bleeding inside the brain and may lead to permanent injury and even death.

Shaken baby syndrome cases have been observed to be more at the age when child cries the most. It is at this time when most caregivers or even parents get frustrated failing to stop the child from crying. This frustration when not handled properly may lead to an uncontrollable application of strength to the child.

A child with a shaken baby syndrome may display the following symptoms; breathing difficulty, bluish color due to oxygen constraint, being unable to focus the eyes and seizures. The best thing to do in the presence of these signs is to immediately seek medical attention. Although most babies immediately show signs of trauma especially if it is a repetitive experience, there are some cases wherein the child seem to be normal and may require longer time to display symptoms, according to Kids Health.

The most effective way to avoid the shaken baby syndrome is to handle the caregiver or parent's stress well making sure that the ones who handle the child know very well their accountability and the vulnerability of the baby entrusted to them.

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