Carrie Underwood Dissed Ex With Public Performance Of 'Dirty Laundry' At CMA Awards?

Carrie Underwood was definitely on fire last Wednesday night at the CMA Awards 2016.

While hosting the event alongside fellow American country artist, Brad Paisley, the American Idol and 7-time Grammy Award-winner bagged the coveted "Female Vocalist of the Year" award for the fourth time (2006-2008), beating other famed female country singers Kelsea Ballerini, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves.

Seemingly in theme with her empowering participation in the much-awaited awards event, Underwood also did a fiery rendition of her hit, "Dirty Laundry," from her latest album, "Storyteller." Along with her "band," she was clad in a black-and-white rocker-inspired outfit and was surrounded by spectacular fireworks towards the end of her performance.

The 33-year-old songstress has already been married to Mike Fisher for 6 years (and together for 7) but her fans and viewers couldn't help but wonder whom the song and performance were for, considering its striking lyrics for an alleged cheater. Her lyrics goes:

That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain't my shade of pink
And I can tell by the smell of that perfume, it's like forty dollars too cheap
And there's a little wine stain on the pocket of your white cotton thread
Well, you drink beer and whiskey, boy, and you know I don't drink red

Could it be for any of her famous exes, "Gossip Girl" star Chase Crawford or Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, whom she dated for a year each? Or her college boyfriend of 3 years, Drake Clark? Or her latest ex before getting married, Dr. Travis Stork?

One thing's for sure--it's not the first time that Carrie came out with a song like it for an ex. Remember one of her earlier hits, "Before He Cheats," in which she exhibited liberation as she smashed an ex's car with a baseball bat? Like that hit, "Dirty Laundry" definitely showed a different side of this "Jesus Take The Wheel" singer. It's just too bad that we can't figure out whom it's for, if only her lyrics were as revealing as Taylor Swift's!

What did you think of Carrie's performance of "Dirty Laundry" at the CMAs? Let us know in the comments below!

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