'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 66, 67, 68 Spoilers, News: Zhen-Chan Arrives, New Story Arc Begins After Defeat Of Black Goku & Zamasu

With the immense power of Zamasu and Black Goku, the Saiyans find it hard to defeat them especially when they combined powers in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 65. What will happen now in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66, 67 and 68? For sure, more exciting events will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

Apparently, the fusion of Black Goku and Zamasu resulted into a more power being. Because of that, it is more difficult for Vegeta and Son Goku to defeat them. What solution they have in mind is to also execute a fusion to merge their powers.

According to Blasting News, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66 titled "One Last, Great Comeback! Here’s Vegetto!" will feature a new character as a result of the fusion of Son Goku and Vegeta. The new powerful hero is named Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue. But will he be able to defeat the villain?

Speculations reveal that because Zamasu and Black Goku are immortal, Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue will still find it very difficult to defeat them. Another reason why they are hard to defeat is because the evil duo already mastered their arts.

But it appears that the Zamasu and Black Goku will finally face their ending in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 entitled "A Visit from the Omni - King! Bye - Bye Zamasu!" As previously reported, Omni-King will arrive and will end the evil doings of the villains.

The arrival of Omni-King or Zen-Chan is actually an accident since Son Goku merely summoned him when Goku unintentionally pushed the button of a communication device, Aussie Network News reported. Said device was provided by Zen-Chan so that Goku can call him when he needs help. But good thing that the Omni-King arrived. At least the long battle between the Saiyans and the evil duo finally ended.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that there will be a new saga for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68. This will be the beginning of the Zen-Chan story arc after Zamasu and Black Goku are defeated. It is also said that the episode will focus on the life of Zen-Oh.

It is noted that the Zamasu and Black Goku arc had been airing for 20 weeks. With that, it is possible that there will be some filers prior to the start of a new story arc in episode 68. This might mean that "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 will already air by the end of December.

"Dragon Ball Super" airs on Fuji TV.

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