Donald Trump Assassination Attempt: Democrats, Clinton Blamed For Alleged Attack?

By Chuie, Parent Herald November 07, 12:59 am

In the midst of a Trump rally in Reno, Nevada, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was hurriedly ushered by the Secret Service off-stage because of an assassination scare.

In an article published by Fox News, someone shouted "gun" while Trump was on stage which caused all the fuss and halted the rally on Nov. 5, 2016. A few minutes after that, Trump was back on-stage.

A certain man named Austyn Crites was the only one in the bunch who was holding a sign which read "Republicans Against Trump." According to reports, the man was trying to reach on to something and someone thought he was pulling out a gun. He was detained but was quickly released. There were no weapons found on him as well as within the area of the rally.

As soon as the media saw an opportunity, they interviewed Crites and discovered that he was simply there to exercise his right for freedom of speech. He was a Republican, but is against Trump being their chosen candidate even from the beginning.

Now, people are quick on their toes to react and speculate on the incident. The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump's son and Dan Scavino was fast enough to spread and claim that it was an assassination attempt and that Trump survived it.

It was also Donald Trump Jr. who started claims that the person who got detained had a gun via his Twitter account in spite of authorities ruling off that there were weapons found in the area and on the man himself. Not long after that, Don Jr. retweeted the "Stop Democratic Violence" post implying that all these were caused by the Democrats.

This is not the first time assassination claims happened during Trump's Presidential campaign and as expected, even if no evidences were found, it was constantly being blamed to the Democrats.

What do you think about this? Was the man sent by the Democrats to disrupt Trump's campaign or was it staged by the Republicans to cause a fuss against Clinton? Let us know on the comments section below.

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