Medical Marijuana News: Idaho Mother Loses Custody Over Kids After Giving Marijuana Butter To Daughter To Relieve Seizures

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 08, 05:08 am

An Idaho mother claimed that she tried to do what she thought is best for her child by giving her daughter homemade marijuana butter to relieve her from her seizures. However, due to what she did, she lost her custody over her two children.

The seizures of Kelsey Osborne's three-year-old daughter, Madyson, began in early October. Osborne claimed that Madyson has been having hallucinations after using a prescription anti-psychotic medication to treat a history of seizures, Medical Daily reported.

Due to the side effects of the anti-psychotic drug, Osborne decided to use marijuana butter, which was placed in Madyson's smoothie in an attempt to relieve her daughter's seizures. Unfortunately, Osborne is now facing criminal charges over the move.

Osborne said losing custody over her children is something she is going to fight for even if it takes her years to have them back home. Osborne added that after she gave her daughter the smoothie with marijuana butter, she took a nap right after. The mother said that her daughter was begging her to help her and the only thing she could think that would help Madyson is cannabis.

Osborne was charged with a one misdemeanor count of injury to a child. She, together with other mothers, has been protesting against Child Protective Services to regain custody over Madyson and her other child, a two-year-old son named Ryker. The group of mothers called Idaho Moms for Marijuana also recently rallied outside the Department of Health and Welfare located in Boise in favor of medical marijuana reform, Fox News reported.

Idaho is one of the states that make medical or recreational marijuana illegal. However, a program in Boise by the Food and Drug Administration, which uses cannabidiol oil (CBD), is ongoing for experimental treatment. It treats 34 children with severe epilepsy but CBD is not available for purchase.

Tom Shanakan, a spokesman for the Department of Welfare, said that the marijuana butter used by Osborne for the smoothie of her child with seizure has THC. He added, "The [CBD] they use for epilepsy doesn't have THC, it doesn't appear to have any kind of brain development issues. Recreational marijuana does cause that so it's not safe for these children."

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