Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Specs & Price: Launch Shelved As South Korean Tech Giant Faces Corruption Allegations?

Updates about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 have already sent tech junkies into a frenzy. While the South Korean tech giant has yet to reveal it's new smartphone's specs and release date, consumers are already searching the net for rumors about the new mobile device.

However, the most recent updates about the Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn't seem to be optimistic. As Forbes reported, the release date for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 might be pushed back even further to give way to its development.

The outlet claimed that engineers could still not figure the cause for the Note 7s batteries catching fire. This setback has reportedly caused Samsung to delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

But perhaps more than a probable Samsung Galaxy S8 release date delay, Samsung has more grave problems to deal with as of the moment. Just today, the South Korean company was raided by authorities because of their alleged connection to Choi Soon-Sil, who is at the center of a political turmoil due to corruption.

It was previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a major aesthetic overhaul that will feature upgrades both to its features and hardware. A dual rear camera, a 4K display and the eradication of the home button are some of the teased upgrades on the S8, IBT reported.

Fans will have to be patient when it comes to getting fresh news about the new smartphone. As Android Authority shared, Samsung employees are asked not to comment to anything related to the Samsung Galaxy S8's development.

Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S8 price, specs and release date updates here!

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