Six-Week Recovery After Childbirth Is Fantasy: Moms Need A Year Of Rest To Recuperate, Says Study

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald November 08, 10:13 pm

The six-week rule after giving birth is a grave underestimate of how much mothers need to rest. They say after six weeks, things will get back to normal, including mothers' physical and psychological health. Yet, one study debunks this belief, saying mothers need an entire year to recuperate from giving birth.

Daily Mail reports that Salford University's Dr. Julie Wray suggests that mothers should take a break longer than six weeks. If possible, until the child's first birthday to recover from the complicated process of pregnancy, giving birth and the responsibilities that come with being a mother after childbirth.

Conceiving a child is a complex process. It takes a toll on a woman's body and it peaks as the baby comes out. But it does not end in childbirth. In fact, it's just the start of the new "normal" life that moms will be living non-stop for the rest of their entire lives.

The researcher arrived at the conclusion after gathering data from women who are two to three months, four to six months and seven months post-partum. Through an interview, the mothers shared various insights regarding postpartum recovery. Furthermore, the researcher found out that the status of postnatal service aggravates a new mom's frail condition.

Years ago, moms have been supported for several days until they are officially left alone to do mother-related responsibilities such as bathing an infant or breastfeeding a child. Moms can stay for days in the hospital but now, they are discharged in as little as six hours.

Adding more to the pressure for moms to get better immediately are celebrities, says The Guardian. "In an ideal world, we wouldn't be surrounded by Photoshopped images of celebrities four weeks after they've had a baby, looking like they were never pregnant," GP Philippa Kaye said. "That Instagram-filtered world isn't reality."

While getting into shape and reaching back prenatal looks can boost moms' confidence and help with their psychological health, it is still important to take other aspects in consideration, just like physiological preparedness. Ultimately, recovery of a mother is up her own discretion as she knows herself best.

Do you agree that moms need a full year to recover from childbirth? Let us know what you think about it by commenting below!

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