Michael Buble's Son Suffers From Cancer: Do You Know The Signs & Symptoms To Watch Out For?

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald November 07, 05:42 am

It is a devastating thought to think that at such a young age, Michael Buble's three-year-old son, Noah, recently got diagnosed with cancer. Even though cancer is a rare disease particularly for the younger ones, it does not mean that parents can be lenient about it. Hence, it is best to be equipped with knowledge on how to detect the life-threatening disease.

The family still does not know what kind of cancer Noah is battling but some people speculate that Michael Buble's son's disease is leukemia. This rumor may possibly be borne out of the disease being one of the most common childhood cancers. The American Cancer Society enlists leukemia as the top cause of cancer among kids.

Cancer symptoms vary depending on which organ or body part has been affected. However, Kid's Health notes that early signs of cancer are the ones that parents do not usually get worried about too much. Fever, bruises, swollen glands, frequent and recurring infections should be watched out for.

Furthermore, sudden weight loss and lethargy can be considered as general early signs of cancer. In some cases, pain can also be evident although it can be hard to observe for infants.

Aside from the bone and blood marrow cancer type, lymphoma and brain cancer are the next kinds of cancer that affect kids in the United States. Leukemia accounted for 30 percent of childhood cancers and over 3,000 younger ones are affected by it annually.

The three-year-old's disease was announced by Michael Buble's wife, Luisana Lopilato. Currently, the Argentinian actress and Michael Buble have put their careers on hold for the recovery of their first-born. Aside from Noah, the couple shares a 10-month-old son, Elias, says The Sun.

Cancers, just like what stricken Michael Buble's son, are largely hereditary although it can also be developed out of a genetic mutation. The fatal disease is hardly treatable but some types of cancer have a higher survival rate. What parents can best do is to prevent the development of this disease, especially if the family carries the genes.

By constantly offering healthy food choices, chances of developing cancer lessen. It is also important to maintain a good amount of sleep so the body can recuperate. Moreover, veering away from external causes like pollution or stress can make a great difference.

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