'Romeo And Juliet' Latest News & Update: 20 Years But Still Kicking, Will There Be A Remake?

By Samantha Jane, Parent Herald November 09, 07:06 pm

William Shakespeare classic novel "Romeo and Juliet" was first shown way back 1996 and today is the celebration of its 20th year anniversary. It became a blockbuster hit in the 90's and an all time favorite of all youngsters that time.

"Romeo and Juliet" was played by Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet in the film. They were so famous especially after the movie hit the theater.

The chemistry between them in "Romeo and Juliet" is undeniable that their fans wanted them to become a real life couple. The peak of their stardom is within their reach. And until now we cannot deny the fact that both of them can still attract the attention of fans.

The film triumphantly earned $46 million and became a box office. A proof that "Romeo and Juliet" is not just a lousy film but a great one.

It was directed by none other than Baz Luhrmann, a big break that also led him to stardom. It was not just DiCaprio and Danes whose names have become famous, the director who controls the whole film also took credit to the success of the movie.

But ET Online reported that after the film of "Romeo and Juliet" the two love team did not reunite with another project. The fans were disappointed yet both of them praised each other and said that if they will be given a chance they are willing to work together again.

The Huffingtonpost stated that even if two decades have passed, every scene in "Romeo and Juliet" will linger in the memories of 90's kids who have experienced the epitome of the film that time.

Lurmann is such a genius that no other production of "Romeo and Juliet" would ever replace it. The cast is another addition to the films attraction. For now, let's just wait, maybe the movie will be in remake, or the comeback of the star cross love team will finally happen.

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