'Limitless' Season 2 Renewal: Fans Successful With Petition? Second Season Confirmed Airing In A New Network? [DETAILS HERE]

Few months back, "Limitless" fans have signed an online petition to have "Limitless" Season 2. Fans get what they want as the show is back as details of the second season are leaked and hinted on.

According to Chatt Sports Net, when the show "Limitless" made its last appearance on May of this year, many fans did their best to have the show back. A good number of reports have revealed that the show's actor and producer Bradley Cooper are fighting for the show to picked by networks. These networks were HBO, Amazon, Showtime and Netflix.

When "Limitless" Season 1 streamed on Netflix, several of the fans took the chance to showcase their support for the series but it has been rendered useless. Back in Sept. 2016, there were no takers to have the franchise's renewal.

To have "Limitless" Season 2 to be shown, fans made an online petition on Care2 which is directed to CBS. The said petition to have the second season needed 25,000 signatures. As of Sept., it has garnered 21,615 supporters. It is considered possible for the show to be back because of its following.

Things have definitely changed two months later as "Limitless" Season 2 is happening. As shared by University Herald, Craig Sweeney promised that the fundamentals of the show that made it exciting for fans will remain the same for the second season.

It seems that Sweeney has solid plans for "Limitless" Season 2. It is rumored that Amazon is interested in giving the show a chance. However, it is still a little skeptical of the concept such that the show is about drug use.

Some source say that Amazon is critical and concerned about the way viewers think of "Limitless" Season 2. It may be misconstrued that getting the show may have the wrong interpretation of drug support.

In spite of the show still not confirmed, it has been rumored that Lady Gaga may be part of "Limitless" Season 2. This is in relation to Lady Gaga appearing on Bradley Cooper's directorial debut for "A Star is Born."

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