‘Persona 5’ News Updates: New Trailer Is Out! Why Is The New Thief Character, Morgana A Cat? [VIDEO]

By Gerone Trish, Parent Herald November 11, 04:22 am

Atlus has just published a new trailer for "Persona 5" revealing another main character in the new game. The trailer introduced Morgana, a creature from another world, so fans of "Persona 5" can expect this new character to be full of mysteries. Apparently, this new character of "Persona 5" is in nature, a cat, and is an expert member of the Phantom of Thieves.

According to the official website of Deep Silver, Morgana, the feline mascot, has anthropomorphic skills. "Persona 5" will highlight Morgana as the character who has the ability to transform itself into a bus, which will be the mode of transportation for the Phantom Thieves.

This new character Morgana, which also serves as the official mascot of "Persona 5," is a significant member of the Phantom Thieves. Morgana is the mentor of the other gang mates of the Phantom Thieves, as this new character is also tagged as an expert in the art of stealing.

Moreover, "Persona 5" fans will see this cat, although Morgana hates being called one, as the indispensable and lovable member of the Phantom Thieves.

Fans of "Persona 5" can hear the voice of Cassandra Lee Morris behind this new mascot of "Persona 5." Morris was booked to voice Morgana in the English version of "Persona 5."

Morris shared in an interview with Atlus USA that doing the Morgana voice in "Persona 5" gave extra pressure on her. Morris recognized the fact the character she will be voicing the main character, which means that Morgana will have a lot of exposure as gamers play the "Persona 5."

Anime fans might be familiar with the voice of Morris as she has already done numerous characters in the past, Behind the Voice Actors reported. Some of the characters Morris has voiced are Sue Morris in "Doraemon," Calaveras in "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal," Bubbles in "Popples," Tsubasa Kira in "Love Live! School Idol Project," Atra Mixta in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans," Kodama Himegami in "Maken-ki! Battling Venus," Taiga Aisaka in "Toradora!" Avery in "Sailor Moon" and Nathaniel in "Pokémon."

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