Yolanda Foster News: 'Real Housewives' Star Talks About Bella Hadid's Lyme Disease As She Compares It With HIV

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 12, 07:00 am

Yolanda Foster, who changed her last name to Hadid opens up about her Lyme disease where she compared it to HIV. The "Real Housewives" star stated that Lyme disease is continually spreading and it is time to take awareness and educate people about it.

Yolanda Foster has been struggling with Lyme disease which greatly impacted her life. Her battle with the health condition did not only affect her career, but it negatively impacted her marriage too. During one of her speeches, Yolanda Foster compared the tick-borne disease to HIV according to NY Daily News.

"We all pull together so beautifully for HIV," Yolanda Foster stated during her speech. "Lyme is three times more Lyme disease is three times more prevalent right now, it's a worldwide epidemic, the first case was diagnosed in 1972... yet we haven't done anything about it."

Though her intention was to raise awareness in regards to Lyme disease, it caused a backlash as Sydney GP Dr. Brad McKay stated that Yolanda's comparison is not at par. News AU stated that Lyme disease can easily be treated with antibiotics, while HIV, however, can result in death.

Yolanda Foster is the ex-wife of David Foster, and the mother of Victoria Secret models, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The mother of three went through a rough journey because of her Lyme disease which eventually got worse as her daughter, Bella Hadid was also diagnosed with the same condition.

 "It's something she worked for her whole life but she got too sick and her brain was too affected to continue that journey," Yolanda said. "She re-tracked, we treated her, and she moved in another direction. Thank God it worked out the way it did. But Bella is still suffering every day. That's what motivates me. We must find a cure. Nobody deserves to live a debilitating life."

Do you know anybody diagnosed with Lyme disease? Feel free to share their inspiring stories through the comment section below.

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