Parenting 101: Avoiding Homework Battles With An Elementary Student

By Jaweria Asif, Parent Herald November 12, 08:46 pm

Homework has an enormous potential to become a sensitive issue between parents and children. Before this becomes a troublesome situation at home, parents should keep a number of things in mind that might help them before any weird or fiery situation even has the chance to arise.

This article is suffused with easy-to-remember tips that will help keep school homework from being a battleground between a parent and their elementary school children. So, read and ponder the tips carefully.

A child, especially elementary school children, may not always be prepared to do homework without supervision. However, being able to have you sitting at the table next to them could create a lot of pressure.

With that said, parents should stay close, be available and accessible in case children will ask for help. Being close to them, but not over, can help children feel more confident about themselves but also taking into consideration the possibility of immediate access to their parents whom they can ask for help if they need it.

All children, not just children with learning and attention problems, may feel overwhelmed when they think about all the schoolwork ahead. It is best that parents encourage their children to take a few minutes of rest or distraction between subjects, whether to eat something fast, to move around a little, etc.

Empowering Parents states that taking a little time to refresh your mind and emotions can make work hours on schoolwork a very productive time. It can also lessen the stresses of both parents and children.

According to Understood, a consistent homework routine can help you and  children stay calm and avoid struggling because of homework. Setting up a nook or workstation somewhere at home, or even a laptop, can help alleviate the chaos of trying to find a place to do the homework. Parents should also set a schedule for their children to do the homework. Setting a full homework time will also help make it easier for parents to be hands on if their children need it.

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