'Hawaii Five-O" Season 7 Update: Series To Move Forward Without Alex O'Loughlin?

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 13, 12:00 pm

"Hawaii Five-O" fans were crushed upon hearing the speculations that Alex O'Loughlin will no longer move forward with the series by season 8. Though it may seem that Alex O'Loughlin exit might highly affect the show's ratings, "Hawaii Five-O" show-runner, Peter Lenkov, tells a different story.

Alex O'Loughlin's statement that "Hawaii Five-O" season 8 would be his last, adding that O'Louhlin's character, Steven McGarett, and Catherine's storyline is already bound to end. With Alex O'Loughlin's exit statement for the succeeding episodes of "Hawaii Five-O" fans are worried that the show is bound for cancellation.

Countless cancellation rumors already surfaced after Alex O'Loughlin's statement, but the show-runner, Peter Lenkov explains that "Hawaii Five-O" is far from cancellation as long as fans are still willing to watch the show. Lenkov explained to TV Guide that their storyline is yet to unfold, so "Hawaii Five-O" is still set for several seasons.

"As long as people are watching the show, we would keep going," Lenkov says We're not looking at it as being finished. It's just a story we're telling along the way. .... There's fans of the show that either love [Catherine] or hate her, and they're very vocal, both sides. But we always saw Catherine being a part of the entire arc of this franchise."

Alex O'Loughlin's "Hawaii Five-O" caused fans to worry, so TV Guide asked the showrunner what's his take in regards to the impact of Alex O'Loughlin's exit. Peter Lenkov then explained that the Alex O'Loughlin's plan to leave "Hawaii Five-O" is probably his way of scoring a better deal .

"Positioning himself for a better deal? I don't know. We always saw it as, honestly, as long as people are watching the show, we would keep going. If Alex elects not to come back, that's obviously going to be his choice. But we're moving forward as if the show's going to keep going."

Will Alex O'Loughlin's exit affect the rating if the future seasons of "Hawaii Five-O?" Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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