Smoking In Pregnancy, Kids Skipping Breakfast Could Lead To Child Obesity

Obesity is a common problem of the young age. The trend of processed and fast-food has increased the vulnerability. However, obesity is not just related to physical outlook, but it has severe health consequences as well.

Multiple routine habits are contributing to the weight gain. According to a study conducted by Hindustan times, smoking during pregnancy and skipping breakfast can be a reason for obesity. The mothers who are habitual and addicted smokers have more obese children. Due to excessive weight, a child's mental health might be damaged.

The children who start developing obesity at a young age are more likely to be overweight during their youth years as well. Tobacco consumption and child obesity have a link as possibly due to the connect that the fetal tobacco exposure and the motor coordination of infant have between them.

Tobacco can affect development and growth to a discouraging level. Not just the tobacco, skipping meals especially breakfast can be a discouraging factor in your weight loss journey. According to a study that was published in American Journal of Epidemiology in the year 2003, skipping breakfast is never a healthy dietary option.

The study was undertaken at a sample size of 500 people and the result clearly depicted that the people who skipped breakfast were more vulnerable to obesity than people who do not. Breakfast, as the name says (breaking the fast), is the most important element of human diet.

It is the way to kick start your metabolism which is why it is so important and significant for a healthy day. Another study that was published in the Pediatrics further suggested that breastfeeding, consuming unhealthy food and sugary drinks have no direct connection with child obesity. However, consumption of tobacco and skipping breakfast does play a role in it.


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