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American Children Opt to Consume Fries As their Vegetable Consumption

Children  2 May '17

Majority Of American Kids Rely On French Fries For Their Source Of Vegetables

Kids are getting unhealthier as the years progressed as they refuse to have their daily vegetable intake.

Newborns Are Getting Bigger And Bigger

Children  9 April '17

Super-Sized Babies In Childbirth: Why Are Newborn Infants Getting Bigger And Bigger?

Experts said that even as the number of big babies are few, there's still cause for alarm as their birth weight is getting bigger.

Jake Vella Prepares For Triathlon

Children  7 April '17

Boy Joins Triathlons To Save His Life; 8-Year-Old's Rare Condition Causes Rapid Weight Gain

Jake Vella from Malta is one of 100 people from all over the world who has ROHHAD, a hormonal and endocrine disorder.

Junk Food A Convenient Option For Busy Parents

Health/Nutrition  10 March '17

Healthy Parenting: Raising Kids In The Junk Food Age

It is difficult to raise healthy children when both parents are busy working and can only serve junk food for their kids.

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Voted To Ban Sale Of Bottled Water On Public Property

Health  9 February '17

Drinking From Plastic Bottle Linked To Obesity In Pregnant Moms And Their Baby, Study Confirms

Thousands of consumer products have BPA content, so what should moms watch out for?

Fighting Obesity By Checking Out Food Servings

Health/Nutrition  20 January '17

Fighting Child Obesity: Expert Suggests To Ban Second Helpings Among Children

An obesity expert has identified second helpings as the culprit behind children's obesity. Parents are urged to stop giving extra food to their kids to help maintain their weight.

Bed Time And Obesity: Research Reveals That Obesity Is Linked To Bed Time Routines During Preschool

Early Learning  15 January '17

Bed Time And Obesity: Research Reveals Obesity Is Linked To Bed Time Routines During Preschool

Researchers reveal that a preschooler's bedtime routine is linked to obesity.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Teens/Young Adults  10 January '17

Surgery To Cure Obesity In Teens? Study Reveals Long-Term Benefits

Gastric surgery has long-term benefits for obese teens that surpass its adverse impacts.

Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sodas Debated In Court, As New Report Details Diabetes Deaths In City At A High

Health/Nutrition  3 January '17

How A Parent's Obesity Can Have Negative Health Effects On Children

Parental obesity isn't just harmful to them, the risks run down to their children as well.

Nature VS Nurture: Is Obesity Genetic?

Body  31 December '16

Nature VS Nurture: Is Obesity Genetic?

It's been an ongoing battle as to whether obesity is caused by nature or nurture.

Harmful Effects Of Obesity Among Children And How To Prevent It

Health  30 November '16

Harmful Effects Of Obesity Among Children And How To Prevent It

Obesity places everyone at a very high risk especially children, here are the harmful effects of obesity among children and how to prevent it.

Glamour Women Of The Year 2016 LIVE Summit

Body  24 November '16

This is US'This Is Us' Actress Chrissy Metz Required To Lose Weight To Keep Her Role

Chrissy Metz was required to lose weight for her role in 'This Is Us' which turned out to have a positive outcome.

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Michael Laiskonis Chocolate Master Class

Body  23 November '16

How Worried Should We Be About Sugar

Sugar is a major culprit in diseases such as obesity, diabetes and dementia—and because it's in almost everything we consume.

Moana Official Trailer

Body  22 November '16

Disney’s ‘Moana’ And Obesity: Critics Questioned Offensive Portrayal Of Maui; Find Out What Creators Have To Say

Disney’s ‘Moana’ has been criticized for its portrayal of the Polynesian demigod Maui. Apparently, critics view Disney's portrayal of Maui as obese and offensive.

Mayor Gavin Newsom Announces Veto Of Happy Meal Toy Ban

School Age  20 November '16

Childhood Obesity: How To Promote Physical Wellnes Among Kids

The increasing rate of childhood obesity may have leveled off but the trend still demands a lot of effort to reverse it and undo its damage.

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty

Development  19 November '16

Skipping Breakfast And Sleep: May Lead To Childhood Obesity

Study challenges view that soaring obesity rates among children are caused solely by eating too much.

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Toddler  18 November '16

Are You Destined To Be Overweight Or Are You Choosing To Be Obese?

Obesity is a very complex disease, and many factors can contribute to it and cause it, including genetics, behavior, and environment.

Investors, Tobacco Companies Invest Heavily In E-Cigarettes

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Smoking In Pregnancy, Kids Skipping Breakfast Could Lead To Child Obesity

Some research links eating breakfast to better weight control, but others show it makes no difference if you eat breakfast or not.

New Warning on Canadian Cigarettes

Pregnancy  13 November '16

Study Reveals Smoking During Pregnancy Can Lead To Childhood Obesity

The large majority of children, 83.3 per cent had a stable non-overweight BMI, while 13.1 per cent had moderate increasing BMIs while 2.5 per cent had steeply increasing BMIs.

San Francisco Approves Ordinance For Health Warnings For Sugary Soda Ads

Toddler  11 November '16

Childhood Obesity And Diabetes Prevention: Understand The Dangers Of Soda And Sugar Consumption Among Kids

It is important for parents to understand the looming dangers of alcohol and sugar consumption among children.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria

Family Life  10 November '16

Managing Motherhood: Holistic Therapy For The Overwhelmed Mom

Being a mother can be exhausting and draining sometimes. Luckily, there are holistic ways that mothers can practice to avoid getting overwhelmed.


School Age  7 November '16

World Health Organization Believes Children Are Bombarded With Online Junk Food Advertisements, One Reason Why Obesity Increased

The World Health Organization said that children's obesity could have been affected by online junk food advertisements.

Mass Baby Shower Held For Nellis AFB Spouses And Personnel

Pregnancy  4 November '16

Pap Smears Detect Fetuses’ Genetic Disorders As Early As 5 Weeks Into Pregnancy

Experts found that doing Pap smears early in pregnancy can help detect and treat fetuses' genetic disorders. Pap smear is a simple procedure that involves gently scraping a small sample of cells from the cervix or the opening of the uterus.

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