Stephen Curry Cheating Update: Six Months After The Scandal, Who Is Roni Rose And Was There Cheating? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 14, 06:00 am

Looking back to June 2016, Stephen Curry had an alleged cheating scandal with a certain Roni Rose. NBA fans or no went crazy and surprised after the said news. Stephen Curry has a squeaky-clean image and cheating is just simply not part of his character. Almost six months after the issue, who really is Roni Rose?

According to Hollywood Life, Roni Rose is an American model and one of the biggest fan of the Golden State Warriors. Roni makes a living as a model and a party host. She is also confessed to being a former stripper who then became a hip-hop fitness dancer who lives in Hayward, Calfornia.

She holds frequent hip hop dance classes in nearby Oakland. She also is a ring card girl for Conquer Fight Models. Roni Rose has a pre-school aged daughter. Roni Rose is seen frequently on the Warriors stand cheering on her favorite NBA team.

To show support to Stephen Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors team, Roni Rose even flew to Oklahoma to cheer on the team during their semi-finals game against the Thunders. Roni Rose is also tatted up, having good number of tattoos all over head body and makes it as one of her unique styles.

Roni Rose never made it famous big time. She is just recognized in the Bay Area for her gigs as hip hop instructed and a ring card model. Roni instantly got catapulted to stardom and being famous when she was linked with NBA star Stephen Curry.

A misconstrued photo of Roni Rose is responsible for this controversy. In one of the games, she was seen giving a flirty look which seemed to be directed to Stephen Curry as he was approaching the stands.

Roni Rose then explained that it was just her simple way to encourage the team and the look was not only to single out Stephen Curry as the recipient of the flirtatious look. In an interview, Roni Rose even said that Stephen Curry is not her type because he doesn't have any tattoos and he has a baby face as shared by International Business News.

Many did not believe the rumor as Stephen Curry loves and adores his wife Ayesha and their daughter. This again is also not his character as he is known to be a strong Christian follower.

Six months after, the issue has been finally put to rest. Stephen Curry is continuing making legacy while Roni Rose is busy with her own life and career. It is a good thing that this never got blown out of proportion and absolutely nothing compared to the infamous Kobe Bryant issue back in 2003.

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