Evil Twin? Hawaii Woman Charged Again With Murder For Allegedly Killing Twin Sister After Driving Off Cliff

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 15, 04:00 am

A twin sister is believed to be responsible for the death of her twin. The Hawaii woman is alleged of driving their vehicle off of a cliff that led to her twin sister's death back in May.

The woman, Alexandria Duval, was arrested in New York state and was charged for the second time. She was cleared of the charges in June this year. New York state police said in a statement that they took Duval into custody on Friday after Hawaiian authorities issued a murder warrant.

The warrant was issued last month after a grand jury in Maui County, Hawaii indicted her on second-degree murder charge. Her bail was set at $3 million, People reported. Accordingly, Duval was found inside a home but attempted to flee from the area and evade police officials.

ABC News also reported that Duval was with her sister, Anastasia, on May 29. They were inside Ford Explorer and Duval was behind the wheel. They were driving on Hana Highway in Maui. The SUV crashed into a rock wall and fell around 200 feet onto a rocky shoreline. It is believed that the sisters were arguing before the crash and were fighting over the steering wheel.

During the first charging, Duval was charged with second-degree murder but a judge ordered her release as there was no probable cause for a murder charge. In August, Duval was again arrested in New York due to drinking while driving. She reportedly nearly struck a vehicle driven by a state police investigator. She was released after less than a month.

The sisters were born as Alison and Ann Dadow. They were born in Utica, New York and operated yoga studios in Palm Beach County, Florida. In 2014, they changed their names then moved to Hawaii in December of 2015.

Meanwhile, Duval is currently waiting for extradition back to Hawaii. She is being held at a New York jail. 

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