Washington Woman Who Strangled, Dismembered And Tried To Dispose Newborn Baby's Body Down The Toilet Indicted Three Years After Crime

A Washington, D.C. woman, who is now 24 years old, was indicted earlier this week over a crime that she allegedly committed in 2013. Accordingly, the woman strangled, dismembered and tried to dispose her newborn baby boy's body by flushing his body parts down the toilet.

The woman was identified as Lillian Alvarado. She reportedly delivered her son in the bathtub of the apartment of her family on Nov. 28, 2013. The death of the baby was discovered after police got a call from a resident saying that blood and water were leaking from the ceiling of their apartment, People reported.

Officials said that they arrived at around 11 a.m. that day at the third-floor apartment of Alvarado and her family. The boy's body was found in the bathtub while the legs of the baby were found inside the toilet. Scissors with a three-inch blade were also recovered from the scene.

The charges that Alvarado is facing are first-degree premeditated murder, armed, first-degree felony murder and first-degree cruelty to children. Initially, the defense team of Alvarado claimed that she is not mentally competent to undergo trial. However, psychiatrics run tests on her and found that she is competent to stand trial, NBC Washington reported.

Family members said that they were not aware that Alvarado was pregnant and were concerned because during the day that she gave birth, she would not leave the bathroom. Alvarado told officials that she took a shower and had plans to go to the hospital when she gave birth in the bath tub. She then cut the umbilical cord and claimed that she hit her head on the sink when she tried to get out of the bath tub. She also remembered flushing the toilet but everything went dark after.

Alvarado was arrested only in January 2014. D.C.'s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner also released a statement later that the newborn baby died from asphyxiation and dismemberment. Alvarado faces the possibility of life in prison.

Also this year, a New Mexico mother admitted that she watched her daughter be raped and dismembered by her boyfriend and his cousin. Watch the details below:

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