Angelina Jolie LATEST News: 'Salt' Leading Star May Never Do A Sequel? Learn More Here!

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 16, 07:00 am

Many Angelina Jolie fans have since been waiting for any updates if she is to do "Salt 2," the sequel to the spy movie released back in 2010. With the advent of her nasty divorce with Brad Pitt, it is believed that she won't do "Salt 2" nor will she be doing any movies anytime soon.

According to Australian Network News, Angelina Jolie may not be doing "Salt 2" to be in movie theaters, but it is rumored to be in the works to be a TV series. Earlier this year, the action franchise was pitched at the European Film Market. There were no details on the development of "Salt 2" being a TV series as well.

Angelina Jolie also may not be the star of the TV series, should it materialize. Diego Suarez, the Senior VP of International TV of Sony said that if the TV series were to happen, it will certainly have a different angle as compared to the 2010 movie "Salt."

There also other rumors dispelling that "Salt 2" will not come to be. A report back in 2014 as shared by Den of Geek, "Salt" Producer Lorenzo di Buenaventura has certainly kept the project active. An earlier version of the script was turned down by Angelina Jolie so more were given until it gets her approval.

Two years later, couple with many issues circling Angelina Jolie, it is unlikely that "Salt 2" will not happen. Never may be a big word, but it may be the best to describe the possibility of a sequel- at least for now.

Angelina Jolie is currently battling her divorce issue with Brad Pitt and is continuously battling custody right of her kids, so a movie a definitely out of the picture. With the rate of how things are going, and with how this recent divorce issue is turning out to get nastier by the day, it may take years before we see her on the big screen.

It is best to give the "Salt 2" possibility be put to rest at least for now as the Angelina Jolie has more important issues to attend to. The possibility for "Salt 2" to happen will not die. However, it may take five more years before it actually happens.

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