Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban LATEST Divorce Update: Couple Divorcing, Confirmed? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 16, 05:20 am

One of the things that Hollywood couples deal with is the divorce rumor that will never go away. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are two married Hollywood stars not spared by the rumor. Recently, both are believed to be going through a divorce.

According to Daily Mail, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have put up a united front in celebration of Keith's 49th birthday. To even dispel the divorce rumor, Keith Urban even posted his picture with wife Nicole Kidman saying that it was his best birthday ever.

Keith Urban then continued on by thanking all of his fans for birthday prayers, wishes, videos and songs. Keith Urban considers himself blessed with success with the help of his fans of his wife Nicole Kidman for continuing to inspire him to be the best.

 The nasty divorce rumor of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban was allegedly brought about by jealousy according to reports. As shared by Hollywood Life, reports say that Keith Urban has reached his breaking point because of Nicole Kidman's controlling actions and feels he is living in a dictatorship more than a marriage.

Apparently, Nicole Kidman keeps a close eye on Keith Urban because of his wild past and drug addiction. She is worried that the country performer may spiral back to his old ways as a wild child.

While Nicole Kidman may care so much that Keith Urban continue living a normal, happy, successful and sober life, it is believed that her controlling behavior is tearing the marriage apart. Part of keeping a close eye on Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman reportedly started keeping track of his phone calls and make him report his whereabouts.

No one knows what the real score is between Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. No one is there as they lead their lives with their family behind closed doors.

It is enough proof (pictures from the birthday party of Keith Urban) that the couple is not heading to Splitsville. There is absolutely no truth to the divorce rumor as both Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are at their happiest for the longest time.

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