Yahoo LATEST Update: CEO Marissa Mayer Is Setting Yahoo Up To More Failure? [DETAILS HERE]

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald November 16, 04:50 am

Yahoo reached its prime during the 90s to the early 2000s until Google came in the picture and practically overtaken the company by miles. Yahoo's performance has gone down to a dismal level that it needs desperate help to have it revived. Marissa Miller, the Yahoo CEO shares her plans for Yahoo and its future.

According to Variety, Yahoo has been under Marissa Mayer's leadership for four years. She has the luxury of running one of the world's leading internet brands, with a total of 1 billion monthly visitors. However, it seemed that she failed to turn things around at the company.

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo faces the prospect of the firm as she was hired to save the company from being sold off, thus making her out of the job. Yahoo's finances have continued to deteriorate. Marissa Mayer may have wasted her time and money with the lack of cohesive vision that may have resulted to paralyzed growth opportunities.

When Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer as its CEO, Yahoo was in the position to become a real player in social media which eventually will turn into a much bigger digital media property. However, Marissa Mayer spent $1 billion on blogging startup Tumblr which never produced any significant revenue for the company.

Tumblr is particularly a big disappointment for Yahoo. Tumblr will contribute just a meager $25 million in operating income to Yahoo's bottom line on $80 million revenue in 2016. This also is a reflection of Marissa Mayer's poor record of deal making.

As added by USA Today, Marissa Mayer said that she plans to stay with Yahoo. She is excited to see how things will go towards the next chapters. Her two main priorities in saving Yahoo are seeing the transaction through to closing and protecting the value in their equity stakes.

Yahoo was sold off to Verizon and investors are particularly not enthusiastic about the deal. Verizon shares closed down 0.4 percent to $55.87 while Yahoo's shares were down 2.7 percent to $38.32 from a report dated July 25.

At present, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo is definitely getting her hands dirty and feet wet to revive the ailing company. It will not be an overnight endeavor as there are numerous action plans and tons of review to pinpoint the exact way to have it prosper and even go head to head with Google.

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