This Event Will Help Anyone Quit Smoking

Smoking is a vice that is hard to put a stop. Once a person starts his first stick of cigarette, nobody knows when his addiction to it could end. There are so many individuals who regret the day they started smoking because eventually, they wanted to quit doing it. The question is how.

In an article shared by Cleveland, those who are struggling to quit the curse of tobacco has a way of doing it now by just participating in this event called The Great American Smokeout. It doesn't necessarily guarantee that one would quit right there and then upon joining, but the chances of saying goodbye to smoking would be high.

The American Cancer Society spearheads this event. It is held every third Thursday of November when one is encouraged someone to quit smoking on that day. It may sound ridiculous for some but not smoking even just for a day is already a huge step for someone who is a smoker, especially if that someone has been struggling with it for a long time. Sometimes, one day is all it takes to quit smoking for the rest of their lives, and it would only be possible with the right people encouraging them.

The American Cancer Society has all the tools and information and even activities given that day for smokers who are tired of their unhealthy lifestyle. Statistics show that over 40 million people are smoking cigarettes in America alone. Cigarette smoking rates have gone down recently, but people found other ways to smoke tobacco such as using pipes or hookah. Those materials could also project danger to a person's health.

Share this information with your friends and loved ones who would like to quit smoking cigarettes. It is time to make a difference in their lives.

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