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4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

Health  10 April '17

4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

Nolan Scully, more popularly known in social media as NolanStrong, held to his dying breath to happily say his words of love to his mom.

New York City Celebrates Veterans Day With Annual Parade

Health/Nutrition  16 November '16

This Event Will Help Anyone Quit Smoking

Are you tired of smoking cigarettes? This could be your saving grace.

Germany Is Home To Record Number Of Foreigners

Body  20 July '16

Prostate Cancer Update: More Men Are Being Diagnosed With Aggressive Prostate Cancer; Absence Of Early Screening Tests To Be Blamed?

Doctors found that since 2004, cases of metastatic prostate cancer almost doubled in men aged between 55 and 69 despite less PSA testing. A task force ruled against PSA testing because it provides unnecessary treatments that can harm the patient more.

Cancer Images

Body  10 June '16

Simple Breath Test Can Monitor Lung Cancer Patients’ Recovery Process

The new breath test can help scientists use the chemical markers as a screening method for lung cancer patients who underwent surgery. Other screening tests like the chest computed tomography scan can be a grueling process for patients.

Telecommunications At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016

Health/Nutrition  28 May '16

New Cellphone Radiation Study: Presence Of Cancer Risk To Humans Albeit At Low Levels

Study revealed that cellphone radiation can cause cancer albeit at very low and minimal levels.

Cancer Images

Medicine  23 May '16

New Drug For Deadliest Skin Cancer Lengthens Lifespans Of Nearly 50% Of Patients

A new drug can make melanoma patients live longer. The drug Keytruda attacks proteins that prevent the body from fighting cancer cells.

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

Body  11 May '16

Vaccine For Pancreatic Cancer Fails Patients

The expected vaccine to lengthen the expected lifespan of a person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has failed to deliver results. Experts claim that those who received the vaccine had lower life expectancy than those who received standard treatment.

Johnson And Johnson's Buys Guidant Corp

Body  6 May '16

Johnson & Johnson Urged To Remove Their Talcum Powder From Store Shelves After Allegedly Causing Ovarian Cancer In Women

Women have alleged to be victims of Johnson & Johnson's talc-based products. The company's talcum powder and feminine products are allegedly causing ovarian cancer.

New Orleans Housing Projects Face Demolition

Body  3 May '16

Lung Cancer News & Updates: Racial Segregation In Neighborhoods Determines Who Gets Treatment For Deadly Disease

Blacks in segregated neighborhoods get less treatment for their lung cancers compared to their white counterparts. Economic status and racial class contribute to these problems.

Cancer Images

Body  2 May '16

5 Ways To Lower The Risk For Colon Cancer

A few ways to lower the risk for colon cancer include eating less red meat, drinking milk, and avoiding food filled with sodium nitrate.

Sunscreen May Fail To Prevent Skin Cancer

Body  22 April '16

Summer 2016: SPF30 Sunscreen Lowers Deadliest Skin Cancer Risk By 80 Percent

Sunscreen products with SPF30 helps lessen melanoma risk by 80 percent. Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

China Daily Life - Pollution

Health/Nutrition  1 February '16

Health Crisis In China: 7,500 People Die Daily Due To Cancer

The air pollution in China continues to take its toll as millions of people die of cancer every year. Learn more about the shocking statistics.

DeAngelo Williams

News  14 October '15

Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative Rejected By NFL; Steelers Star DeAngelo Williams Banned From Wearing Pink To Honor Mom

Pittsburgh Steelers' DeAngelo Williams sought permission from the National Football League (NFL) to wear pink for the season, but the league shot down the running back's request, saying that he should stick with the uniform policy.

weigh in

Health/Nutrition  5 August '15

Yo-Yo Dieting Not Linked to Cancer Risk

New study says weight cycling is not associated with cancer risk.

Woman smoking a cigarette

Health/Nutrition  23 July '15

Chronic Smoking Linked To Increased Risk of Death From Breast Cancer

Smoking has been linked to worsening several illnesses like lung disease, liver disease and asthma to name a few. However, apart from the aforementioned diseases, smoking has a lethal effect to patients with breast cancer as well. A recent study suggests that chronic smoking reduces the chances of survival for women with breast cancer.

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