TvOS Update: TvOS 10.1 Beta Now Available For Apple TV! [DETAILS HERE]

Apple released its third tvOS 10.1 Beta for Apple TV. The software update allows Apple's single sign-on feature which authenticates with your cable provider to unlock compatible paid video applications.

If you must know, unlike any iOS or MacOS update, Apple has not announced the tvOS update publicly. This means that the update still has to be released this fall. For now, tvOS 10.1 beta is ONLY available to developers.

This could mean that if you install the update on your Apple TV, you'll be experiencing some complications than the usual simple download and install. bUnlike other Apple OS, tvOS cannot back up your Apple TV.

Apple suggests two ways in updating tvOS. You can do it 'over the air' which only updates the system with your applications as it is or you can update via 'USB-C' which will restore your device to its factory settings.

'Over the air' is not literally over the air since you still have to use a USB-C cable to connect your Apple TV to your MacBook before you can install the tvOS configuration profile. Once you finish installing the profile, you can start updating your Apple TV 'over the air' to any beta versions.

If you prefer to start clean, use the Restore Image option. This will connect to your Mac via USB-C. This update will erase all your apps and restore to its original settings. To know more about how to install the tvOS 10.1 update, check this site.

According to reports, the software update is compatible with the fourth generation Apple TV. TvOS 10.1 update is expected to launch in December which will include Apple's new TV application. TvOS 10.1 follows the previous feature-packed update in September and the bug fix update last month.

The single sign-on feature of the software update is made available through the Settings app under Accounts. To take advantage of this feature, you have to update your paid video apps. Apple is expected to add more service providers as it launches the feature in December.

We can recall that Apple just recently released the first-party tvOS app, iBooks StoryTime. It's a tvOS app with a 'Read-Aloud' feature.

Have you updated your Apple TV with the latest tvOS update? We would appreciate your feedback.

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