Kate Middleton Pregnant Finally: Duchess Third Baby Bump Can Save Marriage With Prince William; Queen Elizabeth Mad Of Secrecy

By Andrew Rutherford, Parent Herald November 17, 07:30 am

Kate Middleton is expecting to have her third child, according to rumors. But it is not just her third pregnancy that is getting a lot of buzzes these days but also her rumored divorce with Prince William.

Life & Style Mag has even reported that Kate Middleton is indeed four months pregnant and that she is expecting another girl. The trouble though during this supposed to be festive months is that Kate and William are having marital issues and that Queen Elizabeth is not happy about the bad news the Duke and Duchess are creating.

Kate Middleton and Prince William who have always been seen apart lately as their duties are making them work separately are working their rift bigger every day. According to rumors, the news that Kate is pregnant is what is making the couple stay together.

Queen Elizabeth is rumored to also causing the two to not always be together since she gives the Duke and Duchess separate assignments. However, she is indeed happy with the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child. She is mad though because the couple has not announced the pregnancy public yet.

Another news about the pregnancy involves Pippa Middleton who is also planning her wedding. According to rumors, Kate will not attend her younger sister's wedding so that Kate will not get the attention that is meant for Kate since her baby bump will be showing greatly during that day.

However, rumors regarding Kate Middleton being pregnant has been circulating over the years. While Kate and Prince William's divorce are not real at all. The Duke and Duchess are happy together with Queen Elizabeth's approval.

Kate Middleton is not pregnant at this time and is still in love with her husband, William. As for Pippa Middleton's wedding, Kate is still expected to be there.


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