Physical Education: Why Sporty Children Suffer Increased Amount Of Serious Knee Injuries

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald November 17, 07:49 pm

The foremost reason behind the rapid increase of youngsters getting knee reconstructions is the increase in professionalism in the sports department. Now the sports are not only seen as leisure but it has become very competitive.

After dissing it with various doctors, physiotherapists and athletic injury specialists, The New York Times report says that experts have to come to the conclusion that there has been an increase in people getting their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) replaced.Having said that, the reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) has almost tripled in the last fifteen years.

In this survey, the kids whose surgeries were not successful or who did not have proper checkup were included. The anterior cruciate ligament tendon assists hold the knee together. It can be hurt when somebody pivots, changes path quickly or lands clumsily from a jump. Anterior cruciate ligament wounds are frequently connected with elite sportspersons in sports such as netball, AFL and rugby.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries have severe consequences, not to mention costly treatment, extensive rehabilitation and recovery times, as well as placing the patient at critically increased risk of osteoarthritis. One of the youngest patients surgeons had ever seen was a 9-year-old boy named Callum Hooker.

It took him almost a year to recover properly and it would not have been possible without his mother who took take care of him day and night. He was even allowed to play again, but unfortunately, he injured his other anterior cruciate ligament while playing rugby.

The ABC News Report says that rapid increase in ACL injury detection is due to the improved machinery and technologies in hospitals like MRI. Another reason is that students and youngsters are now playing "real" sports.

Furthermore, some people blame indoor games and even the shoes' structure. According to Doctor Roe, the patients whose ACLs were reconstructed using the parts of their parent's' hamstrings last longer and have less chance of being reinjured.

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