When Asthma Attacks: Strategizing Your Moves

Rushing to the emergency room is the last resort for a person with asthma. If the asthma attack is out of control and if the medication does not work or forgot your inhaler, you should seek emergency help for your respiratory problem.

The good news is you can prevent visits to the emergency room if you follow the steps to keep asthma under control. Read on to learn how to manage asthma and avoid going to the emergency room.

Make a plan. Create a personalized plan with your doctor to control asthma (also called action plan for asthma).This plan should be realistic and should fit your everyday life. Your plan should describe the daily treatment, detailing what symptoms should monitor and provide step by step instructions on what to do when you suffer an asthma attack are.

Take control. Once you have a plan, use it to take control. Include in your daily schedule program requirements, such as taking medication before exercise, do not forget to comply. Carries a copy of the project with you, so you know what to do if you have an asthma attack. Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor if you feel the plan does not work.He or she can adjust it to make it more efficient.

Avoid triggers. Your doctor should be able to help you discover the triggers that could provoke an asthma attack. These include smoke snuff, animals, dust mites, dust, mold, pollen, perfumes, aspirin, changes in weather, cold air, exercise and respiratory infections. Once you know what your triggers, you can try to avoid them.

Take your medication control. The control drugs are effective for prolonged periods to prevent asthma attacks.Depending on the severity of your asthma, you may have to take control medicines every day, even if you feel well. It is tempting to skip these daily medications, and many people fall into the trap of thinking they can take rescue medication when they suffer an attack. However, this increases the chances of having an attack and that this is more serious.

Bring the inhaler with you. Rescue medications can help during an attack, therefore, do not forget when you leave home. Many visits to the emergency room for asthma happen because the person forgot his inhaler. These means you must make arrangements to have them at school, at sporting events and when traveling.

Know the early signs of an asthma attack. Asthma occurs in different ways in all people. Some people cough only at night, while others have attacks whenever catch colds or perform exercises outdoors. Know your asthma and pay attention to what happens before an assault, so knowing the early warning signs. These signals may not mean that an attack is present, but they can help you plan ahead.

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