When Mental Health Education Isn't Taught To Kids

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald November 15, 08:37 am

Mental health education is as important, in the upbringing of a child, as is the tutoring of any other thing. If taken lightly or ignored, it can lead to disastrous circumstances. So, it is better to be open about this subject and to focus on it than to regret it later on.

According to Global News, in a real-life investigation carried out, there is substantial evidence provided of neglecting the importance of mental health teaching and its aftereffects. Problems begin in adolescence when the hormones start acting up. The period of 15 - 24 years is the most critical stage of life, when the children don't realize what's happening to them. This ignorance leads to devastating situations or maybe even suicide.

After accidental deaths, suicide is the leading cause of people dying. If it's not suicide, then the youth possibly find solace in self-harm, suicidal thoughts or substance abuse which leads to mental illnesses like depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, anxiety and etcetera. Most of the teens that finally look up for professional help have no idea what's going on and why do they even need help.

According to Canada News, such mental illnesses don't always lead to disasters but can be overcome. There are a lot of centers that provide professional help to the victims. All of the individuals who are recovering wish that they knew about all of this beforehand, so they could've pursued help a long time ago. But, it's better late than never right?

To prevent this from happening, such education has become extremely essential. Schools should start creating awareness in children through programs so that even if they themselves don't feel any of the symptoms, they can help fellow classmates who are suffering. Parents should talk to their kids and tell them that it can get better and help them come out of this horrible, dark feeling.

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