Navigating The Cheers And Tears Of Children: The Aftermath Of U.S Presidential Election

Elections have been a global topic of discussion recently.Not just because US politics has a deep global impact, but also because the victory of the Republican Trump took everyone by shock. On the one hand were the people who were demotivating his stance against minorities and women, but on the contrary, many celebrated as Trump wore the crown.

The supporters said that Trump would make a good president, as he dedicatedly aims at making America great. They stated that their children were not very happy about him winning, due to his racial and gender biased statements. But along with that, they had to preach their children that the minorities, especially Muslims, are just being a threat to America.

Parents said that the attacks and lives lost during attacks like Benghazi cannot be overlooked and ignored. On the other hand, his discriminatory statements made many insecure as well. As NY times reports about Daniel Roberts, who is a Clinton supporter who explains his experience saying that he took his daughter with him to vote.

When the results came, she became extremely upset and cried. Majorly, she was scared to hear those racial comments.Daniel is black and has a white wife; their kids are therefore biracial. These is why she felt so insecure and vulnerable. She wants to be a doctor and feels that being a woman is already a suppressing factor as it makes it hard to compete.

However, where happy or sad, the elections have profoundly impacted each and every house of America. According to BBC, children have started to question and want to know what the future holds for them. Unquestionably, Trump's win has initiated interest of children and many debates at home. In some cases, the children disagreed with the choice of their parents, which is positive as it makes them more mobilized in political process aware of their rights.

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