Ryan Philippe Opens Up About His Divorce With Reese Witherspoon And How It Impacted Their Children

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald November 18, 09:31 am

"Cruel Intentions" actor Ryan Phillippe opens up about his co-parenting journey with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. Phillippe also talked about his holiday plans with his family during the interview.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon may have called it quits in 2006, but the former couple did their best to raise their kids together. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan Phillippe shared how he and Resse worked things out after their divorce was finalized.

"As a divorced dad, we trade off so last year, my kids and I went to my parents' in Delaware," Ryan said. "This year, they will be with their mom and I am shooting a movie up in Toronto. I'm going to fly down to Philly and just have a Thanksgiving with my parents and the kids get to be with Reese."

Ryan Phillippe also shared that co-parenting with Reese Witherspoon gave him a chance to open up to his kids as to how lucky they are to have a lot of people that loves them. He even mentioned how lucky his kids are to have additional family members to guide and nurture them as they'd grow up, including their step-dad.

"I always tell my kids, 'You're so lucky cause it's not just your mom and dad who love you. You have grandparents that love you, a stepdad that loves you and it's always such a great opportunity to have as many people in your life nurturing you and carrying you and guiding you in this life."

Ryan Phillippe also added that being a father, a parent, whether divorced or not, made him realize the importance of putting his children first.

"You have to get to that point as a divorced parent, as any parent, where you're not putting yourself first," Phillippe told Entertainment Tonight during an interview.

Urban Child Institute highlighted the pros and cons of co-parenting, which makes it important for parents take to note of. One of the most important things to highlight is the importance of being cautious when it comes to fighting in front of the children. It was mentioned that parental conflicts can highly affect the child's well-being, may it be directly or indirectly.

As a parent, or as someone who went through a divorce with children, what are your thoughts on co-parenting? Feel free to share it with us through the comment section below.

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