Experts On Child Development Raise Doubts Over The Recent UPC iPad Study

University of British Columbia's psychology department presented a report after conducting an experiment on children of age groups four to eight. It came to the conclusion that young minds can learn equally well from interactive media as they learn from physical instruction.

According to the CBC, the report's central idea is that Ipad apps can replace a human instructor because the two groups of children under consideration conceived the learning at an equal rate. This conclusion is not being agreed by many child development experts.

Some of them agree with this conclusion to some extent, but others have many apprehensions about this report. According to most of the child counselors and experts this experimental activity was restricted to a certain limit; the extent of learning was not a wider one so we cannot fully replace gadgets with human instructors.

Further this study by UBC's psychology department says that process of learning serves as a gateway to relationship development so gadgets like iPad and tablets cannot replace humans completely.They do agree to the stance that such gadgets will give learning a new direction and will improve learning method but they condemn the replacement of these gadgets with human teachers, according to them we should not let technology control man instead man should make use of technology for a better and improved learning.

Screen time can reduce face to face interactions which are not the right option to adopt.Balance is to be maintained while making use of these gadgets in child's learning and development as these things are used as a mere distraction for a child to refrain him from making a fuss.

Another important aspect of this disagreement is that by completely replacing gadgets with human instructors the children will learn to be independent before time.Parents and teachers should be the one to guide the children.Children at a young age demand to be taught in various diverse methods according to their intellect and the gadgets cannot justify this task. So we conclude that we should make use of gadget for improving learning methods instead of replacing them with humans.

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