Fatty Food And Mental Problems, Seems A Bit Weird Doesn't It?

Fat rich diets rid the brain of a key protein that helps the brain to function properly. This depletion attacks behavioral flexibility and memory and many other synapses in the brain. All of this activity reduces the power of the brain to function properly, which develops into serious mental problems.

According to Science Daily, a study carried out by research organizations led to a conclusion that excessive amounts of fatty food can lead to cognitive and psychiatric problems at a later age. Children don't only become obese, but can develop mental problems when they are older. Why does this happen?

The prefrontal cortex, frontal region of the brain, is where complex actions and decision making process is carried out. This part expresses a person's personality and social behavior. However, fat-rich diets reduce the performance of this area, which influences former stated activities.

According to The Indian Express, adolescents are most prone to this event taking place. It's because this is the time when most eating choices are being made. During this phase the brain is not fully developed. The prefrontal cortex is highly sensitive to any occurrence, so excessive care has to be taken, as the brain is vulnerable to high-fat foods.

The protein that is known to regulate synaptic functions is called reelin. The reduction of reelin neuron, through fat-rich diet, is what kick starts the operation of the mental problems. The neuropsychiatric condition may keep deteriorating, as the child grows up, and may develop into cognitive problems when he/she reaches adulthood.

Deficiency of this protein can also cause other brain disorders like schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. It's fascinating that how much negativity can be caused by such a small thing. However, it's an alarming situation for the human health and steps should be taken to counter the potential impact of this occurrence.

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