Helping Children Cope Up After Natural Disasters

An interesting notion that many people often believe is that anxiety only deteriorates a situation as well as an individual's state of mind. Factually speaking, children who are already struggling hard in life trying to come to terms with some problems in their lives, take natural disasters more sensibly and in a calm manner as compared to other kids who haven't faced many struggles in life.

It is often experienced that in a situation like earthquakes and tornadoes etc. , the children react much more rapidly.They tend to lose their senses and are unable to cope with the ongoing situation.

According to Psych Central in a study conducted by Tracy Pedersen, it was observed that natural disasters had a significantly more profound effect on those children who seldom encountered difficulties and stress in life. On the other hand, those kids who already had anxiety issues due to various problems currently looming over them and their families remained much more calm during the situation of calamity. They were seen to act more calm and composed. However, each child was found to respond differently to their level of maturity.

Such children were resilient towards the sudden disaster that took place in their life.They were able to internalize their emotions.Their anxiety did not worsen the situation.They were well aware of the art to tackle such a job. Their anxiety stabilized their reactions.Parents of such children were found to be calm and quite too. These might be the reason behind such peaceful approach of their children.These kids might have learned this ability from their parents.

These children were already equipped with the small level of maturity to handle the crisis.They did not panic at the spot but followed the directions given by rescuers and their parents in a mature way. These children being already involved in help to overcome their stress issues helped them to conceive that a mishap has taken place and they have to support others in avoiding further damage.

According to Life Line, this gives us an idea that children who are leading a stressful life can apprehend such natural disasters in a better way and while imparting psychological help in such disasters our primary target should be the children with low level of maturity

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