Children's Suicide Casualties Escalates

As for the CNN's recent report released last  November 3, 2016, the number of suicide disturbances grows doubly. According to them, suicidal occurrences from 1999- 2007 changed and soared intensively. The smallest percentage was 0.9 casualties per 100,000 children in the year 2007, but those figures increased two times, by 2.1,(425) mortality last 2014.

Based on W.H.O.'s (World Health Organization) study on the month of September, more than 800,000 died on account of self-murder and said to be the second principal reason of fatality amid 15-29 years old. They also cited that 75% of the worldwide self- killing incidents usually happen in modest and mid income earners nations. Swallowing of insecticides, strangling oneself, around gun shoot is the most usual suicidal strategies.


From the recent study, they found out that not only this event doesn't only happen to people, who have a mental disorder conditions and habitual addictions the likes of alcoholism and drugs but also to those who cope with pressures in life, like financial struggles, relationship separations, and long-term medical problems. To add up to that is the trauma of encountering disputes, calamities, brutality, maltreating and loneliness are also considered as risk factors of self-infliction events.

They also cited that this kind of occasion highly occurs in helpless people facing bigotry like fugitives, emigrants, needy and lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex group and detainee.

Having said that suicide is one of the leading cause of death in the world, this event is said to be preventable one. Here are the three preventive measures to stop suicide by Lifeline Australia:

1. ASK

- When you see someone will commit suicide, confront them to ask if they will do it. Never be scared to ask so because it shows you are a concern for them which will be a factor for them not to do it for they knew that someone is open to talking about what are they going through. Be certain that you ask straightly and clearly to them.


- If they affirmed that they will be doing it, just be attentive to them and let them tell you about what they feel. NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE or try to influence someone trusted to accompany them.


- Try to have a proper help. Though the possibility is not yet existing, it's till necessary for them to have a persistent assistance for the problem which provoked them to have this kind of perceptive.

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