Recess Time Benefits: Why Recreation Time Is A Necessity For Children

A little relaxation is necessary for everyone whether it is recreation, sports, book reading or anything for that matter. Children in schools these days have mixed opportunities to spend a quality time indulging in outdoor plays.

However, with technology closing in on children's' minds from all directions, it becomes difficult for kids to engage and indulge in active play. The reason? The digital age has offered an easier and more convenient option of sitting back and playing games on their iPad is readily available at all times.

According to The Atlantic, mothers in Florida tried to convince authorities to pass a legislation that ensures kids are given a considerable outdoor activity time. Although only a few studies have pointed out the benefits of recess time among school children, the idea to support kids' recreation schedule has shown great advantage. Results showed positive outcomes as the kids get more attentive after a playtime in the open.

Recess time is beneficial doe kids in so many ways. Children get more active and fit after playing in playgrounds and gardens. It has been observed that children who were given more recess time remained healthy and active throughout the day.

Kidshealth also emphasized exercise and sports are equally necessary for adults and kids. During a day, a child goes through a lot and there is always a tough routine ahead of them. To participate in each and every task, a child's body should be in the right condition. This right condition arises when a child is compelled to play outside everyday, exercising their body and muscles in the process.

Kids spent a lot of time on computers and tablets and their minds can sometimes get overwhelmed. But playing out in the open can help enhance brain functions. Psychiatrists even advised that a walk in the park is highly beneficial for the brain. 

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Sports reported that in the United States, more than 50 percent of children are not meeting their physical activity requirements. The said situation is alarming because the kids' growth entirely depends upon these factors and physical development is as important as brain development.

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