Preventing Infants From Respiratory Infections: A Developing Concern Among Parents?

By Jaweria Asif, Parent Herald November 19, 04:00 am

Newborns are sensitive and should be kept away from sources of any kinds of germs contributing to infections and diseases. Even though vaccines are commonly used to prevent children from getting sick and infected, the ever-changing atmospheric conditions have led to the discovery of new kinds of viruses, which some of them are extremely harmful.

According to CBC News, parents are advised to take special care of their newborn children. Doctors suggest the real threat is the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) because many children have been recently affected. As of November, there have been 12 cases reported. The said virus usually infects children ho are at least two years of age.

RSV includes signs like runny nose, cough and cold, which usually aren't very alarming and is curable. But young infants with complications like a premature birth or a heart condition, the virus could cause much more damage.

The RSV virus is quite dangerous and contagious as it can spread rapidly through schools and childcare centers, especially when the child with infection is not relatively isolated from social circumstances. Babies often get it when older kids carry the virus at home from school and pass it to them. Hence, it's highly advisable to treat the virus first before sending a child back to school or a daycare.

Meanwhile, Oxford Journal presents a detailed analysis of RSV. The virus consists of ten proteins and was discovered in 1955. The virus affects children and adults, and it is a seasonal virus. Studies have shown that areas with more industrial pollution tend to have more impact of the virus and it resulted in bronchitis.

Since its discovery, the virus is responsible for the hospitalization of a large number of children. RSV is usually uncommon in infants younger than one-month-old and children under the age of one year recover easily. However, children who are immunocompromised or ill already and have other conditions are prone to get infected for a long period.

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