Students Poor Performance In Schools. Who's To Blame?

By Jaweria Asif, Parent Herald November 16, 01:46 pm

Educating a child is a fundamental responsibility of every parent. However sometimes the results of education are not the desired ones as we expect them to be. Education is a long, complicated and synchronized process which requires more than just a school and a student.

Complaints about schools not being able to help the child reach the expected level of intellect are very common. Authorities raise questions as to what could have gone wrong with the children studies. According to BBC, such a school in Britain is considered the poorest school regarding attaining the academic levels.

Here the question arises of who is to blame? Teachers, authorities, students, school management? Perhaps the situation is far more complicated than just to point a finger to any particular category of people. Parents of children with low performance criticized the teachers for not paying proper attention to the children. Sometimes parents even move their child from a school which doesn't seem to fulfill the requirements of their studies.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, teachers, on the other hand, are quite defensive, in fact, annoyed that only they are being held responsible for the level performance of the students. In their opinion, parents should also focus on their child's studies, as they are also obliged to keep a check on their educational process.

The truth is, to achieve the goals for our children, schools, parents, teachers and students themselves should work in coordination. It is not impossible that the school is not doing the work properly. However, it is also not entirely up to the school to teach as they need more than that. A teacher teaches and a school must see whether what's being taught is correctly taught or not, kind of and parents should see if the child is doing fine or not, if their problems, they should be addressed.

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