Fast Food Corporations Are Thickening Their Wallets At The Cost Of Children's Health

Fast food corporations keep denying that they intentionally target school children to continuously thicken their wallets. This fact can be understood by the fact that most schools have at least one international fast-food franchise outlets at a walking distance and that school children serve as one of the most important market sectors for fast-food chains.

People see that some children are sent to school feeling hungry as they do not feel like having breakfast or aren't given some snack to eat at lunch. This is much more of a household management issue rather than poverty or lack of money. Parents find it way more convenient to stash their kids with money so that they get something to eat at school rather than waking up in the morning and preparing something to eat for them first before heading their way to work.

As children get the money they need without any supervision of what they ought or ought not to buy, parents' only hope for their children are the teachers. These teachers have so much authority or ability to prevent children from buying junk food that's not good for their health, especially when loads of outlets of unhealthy food just lie around the corner.

According to The Conversation, the situation has obviously grown out of control and isn't just about encouraging kids and convincing them to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Obesity and health risk including diabetes are growing rampant among children. The problem has culminated to a point where it's figuratively impossible to reverse the trend that's already been set.

According to Waikato Times, the first step how parents can tackle this problem is recognizing that having fast-food on a daily basis is hazardous to children of the growing age. Quite ironically, when it comes to drugs and alcohol, parents tend to run for health support and exercise strict authority over their children. But when it comes to unhealthy food, parents hardly exercise any authority over their children nor do they show any concern if their kids are having unhealthy foods in enormous amounts.

If such eating trends continue, parents will soon run out of dollars to cater to the impending health quandaries that await them. No doubt it's easy to shrug off this epidemic as a non-issue but do people wait for it to become an issue? And only then will they exercise caution in their way of living?

If that's the way it is, it's pretty safe to assume that developed economies have been becoming ignorant of their health before the massive consumer culture that has unfolded upon the world. So, what are your thoughts about this matter? Share them below and check out Parent Herald for more news and updates. 

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