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University of Texas stabbing incident

Children  2 May '17

Random Stabbing Attack At University Of Texas' Austin Campus Leaves One Dead, 3 Injured

One student died and three more suffered from injuries after a stabbing incident at the Austin campus of University of Texas.

Duarte Unified School District and VH1 Save The Music Host All-District Band Showcase

Parenting  13 April '17

Having An African-American Teacher Can Significantly Decrease Drop Out Rates Among Black Students

Researchers reveal that having a same race teacher can keep kids in school.

Chilean students

Children  12 April '17

Chilean Students Rally To Call On Government For Overall Education Improvement

Students in Chile rally to demand the government for an education overhaul.

President Trump at the Freedom Ball Ball in Washington, D. C.

School  24 January '17

The Fate Of International Students In Donald Trump’s Republican Administration

Donald Trump's arrival at the White house sparks concern on what will be the effect of Trump's Republican Administration on international students.

Graduation Ceremony At Shanghai Jiaotong University

School  5 January '17

Chinese Billionaire Willing To Award Annual Monetary Prizes To Canadian Universities?

Chinese billionaire Charles Chen Yidan says that he will award students with monetary prizes like Canada to elevate education standards.

HBO's New York Premiere Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  12 December '16

New Law In Oregon Requires Students Be Screened For Dyslexia

Oregon raises awareness for students with Dyslexia and even help in making it easy for them to study and finish school.

8th Annual TopSpin New York Charity Event

School  3 December '16

China Keen On Introducing Some Aspects Of American Sports In Its Universities

FUSC wants to initiate sports program for students in China, meanwhile changing the general perception that sport is a waste of time.

Florida Prepares As Hurricane Matthew Barrels Towards Atlantic Coast

School Age  30 November '16

Are You Cramming For Exams? Goodluck Scoring An A

Every student who has panicked while reading the same page of a textbook over and over again may suspect this.

Chicago College Students Hold Walk-Out And Rally To Protest Donald Trump

School  30 November '16

Foreign Students In The US: Are Chinese Students In America Not Friendly?

Chinese students are in the U.S. to get a degree and fly back, as per their parent's advice.

NY Public Library Re-Opens Reading Room After 2 Years

School  26 November '16

Private Online Schools: US Experts Assess A Drawback And Warn Public To Steer Clear

US education experts are warning against government plans to let private companies set up online schools in New Zealand

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Laconia, New Hampshire

School  26 November '16

Universities In US Will Continue To Accept Students From Other Countries

Educational institutions in the United States will continue to welcome students from other countries to pursue their higher studies.

Chicago College Students Hold Walk-Out And Rally To Protest Donald Trump

School  23 November '16

Trump's Presidency: Undocumented Student Seeks Refuge

Trump would overturn Obama's orders on immigration. This makes education for undocumented students less of a possibility.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Kicks Off 'Curious World' Summer Tour, Inspiring Playful Learning Nationwide

School Age  16 November '16

Students Poor Performance In Schools. Who's To Blame?

Some reasons for poor performance are specific to the students and not related to external factors.

Cursive Writing - Complete Lesson - With Practice Sheets

School  11 November '16

Education News: Should Schools Be Required To Teach Cursive Writing?

Academicians are recently engaged in a debate on whether or not cursive writing should be taught in academic institutions.

Social media

Teens/Young Adults  11 October '16

Three High School Students In Mountain View: Arrested Over Social Media Threats Against Classmates, Teachers

Three high school students in Mountain View were arrested for making threats.

Brentwood High School

Teens/Young Adults  5 October '16

Brentwood High School Murder Mystery: Four Students Found Dead In A Span Of One Month

Four students from Brentwood High School were violently killed in the last four weeks and the attacker remains unknown.


Health/Nutrition  26 September '16

It's Proven! Binge-Watching TV With Your Partner Could Help Make Your Relationship Stay Strong, Grow Fonder

Binge-watching TV with your partner is not counterproductive. It actually helps build a strong relationship.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Visits Computer Science Students At Harvard And MIT

School  22 August '16

Bombing Alert! Massachusetts Are Disturbing School Classes For Receiving Bomb Threats

Massachusetts' schools have been receiving an abnormal high number of bomb threats since last school year.

German Politicians Debate Future of Universities

College Success  18 August '16

Education News: Government Will Provide Funding For Students To Undergo Training In Non-Traditional Institutions

There will be eight partnerships between non-traditional institutions and colleges and universities where students can enroll.

Siamese Twin Girls To Be Separated In Chongqing

Development  19 July '16

Mono-Mono Twins Born Holding Hands, Still Glued To Each Other In a Special Bond Even After Turning Two Years Old

The famous mono-mono babies, Jenna and Jillian Thistlewaithe, became famous online when they were born to the world holding hands. Now, they make headlines as the twin babiess, now toddlers, and are the best of firiends.

Blue Lights To Show Care On World Autism Awareness Day

Autism  18 July '16

Autism News: Irish Summer Autism School Poses Safety Risks For Students, Report Says

A report has cautioned against the safety of summer autism school.

David Cameron And Nick Clegg Visit Nottingham Following Yesterday's Spending Review

School  13 July '16

Are Primary School Students in England Getting their Free Meals? The Reportedly Hidden Reports Suggest They Don't

Reports claim that the England Department of Education has refused to release reports about children not being fed their policy-mandated free meals.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

School  12 July '16

Here are a Few Tips on Making the Best Educational Investment for Your Child

It may be hard to make decisions based on your child's education, but that does not mean you shouldn't invest largely in it.

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