'Fuller House' Season 2 Spoilers: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Welcome To Join Anytime, Lori Loughlin Says

The festive season that has been prepared for "Fuller House" Season 2, which debuts on Netflix this December, is still missing the presence of Michelle Tanner. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, who alternately played the role as little kids, still haven't made a commitment to be on the show. But "Fuller House" semi-regular and legacy cast member Lori Loughlin said that the Olsen twins are welcome to join anytime.

Lori Loughlin said that Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are still not in "Fuller House" Season 2. She's not aware of any deals that the production has been making to bring the Olsen twins back, reports Huffington Post.

"I'm sure they would more than welcome them back if they wanted to [do it]," Lori Loughlin said about the Olsen twins' return on "Fuller House." This reunion has been one of the biggest things that viewers have been hoping to see on "Fuller House," but the likelihood of this happening is close to impossible.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have said in the past that they are not returning to acting, much less remember what they have done in the original series. They have been quite busy running their fashion brand, Elizabeth & James, in New York. In fact, this has been the explanation that "Fuller House" has made to explain why there is no Michelle Tanner. It was revealed on the show's first season that Michelle is running a fashion store in the Big Apple.

Meanwhile, "Fuller House" is not without fresh faces to introduce in Season 2. Fans will finally meet Uncle Joey's family as well as get to know Jimmy, who is Kimmy Gibler's (Andrea Barber) brother, E! Online reports. Adam Hagenbuch, the actor playing Jimmy, will be in a multi-episodes because he's Stephanie's (Jodi Sweetin) new boyfriend.

Catch the release of "Fuller House" Season 2 with 13 episodes on Friday, Dec. 9. Keep checking back to this site for more updates about the comedy series.

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