Kidnap For Ransom Case: Woman Abducted Found Dead After Suspect Receives Money; Arrest Followed

A case of a kidnap for ransom turned out tragically after the body of the woman abducted was found by the authorities. This came after police have come up with the money that was given to the suspect.

The incident took place in the southeastern part of Washington state. The kidnapped woman was identified as Sandra Harris. Her body was found on Sunday along a road in the city of Kennewick.

It was not yet revealed how Harris died but according to other reports she had a gunshot wound. An autopsy is set to take place later this week.

The New York Post added that the kidnapping was not random, as per the police reports and that there is no danger to the public. The suspect was apprehended and was identified as Theresa Wiltse. Wiltse reportedly knew Harris and her husband, Randy, even before the killing took place. It is possible that more arrests will be made soon but authorities pointed out that they have no person of interest yet.

Harris was kidnapped from her home and used the abducted woman's cellphone to call Randy. Wiltse then demanded an undisclosed amount of money. The local police and the FBI worked together in contacting the suspect and negotiating for several hours. They then agreed to meet in rural Franklin County on Friday evening to pay the ransom.

It was unclear where the money is now but after the money was dropped, Wiltse was arrested by a SWAT team near the small community of Eltopia. Eltopia is said to be halfway where Harris lives.

Accordingly, when Wiltse got the money, she was driving a rental car with a California license plate. No one else was with her but she allegedly confessed that she took part in the kidnapping but there are two men she worked with namely Jose and Jesus, ABC reported.

Wiltse is now in custody and her bail was set at $1 million. Prosecutors are set to charge her on Wednesday.

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